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· In the next few weeks I'll be learning more about a project to help create a Flash-based CD-ROM for learning Arabic. This project could include a trip to Palestine, as the Arabic professor here is Palestinian. I have no idea if this will happen or when, but Arabic and Farsi langauge programs have been getting lots of money from the government. That means they might be willing to help create another Arabic language-learning program (there are currently only about 3 Arabic textbooks in the country). And to do that, getting authentic materials (interviews, footage, photos, etc.) would require traveling to an Arabic-speaking country and having a crew. I would probably be part of that crew.

It's hard for me to explain why I want to go to Palestine so badly. It's well-known that I'm a bit of a judeophile, but I've also recently found myself drawn to Arab and Iranian culture. I've always wanted to go to Jerusalem, but I used to think that I would wait until things "settled down" "over there". I've also been suffering from feelings of being too privileged and not fully understanding how hard life is for everyone else on earth. I'm afraid I'll go on living without ever knowing hardship or having helped others. I really want to do that and I hope this (possible) trip would help.

· I submitted my application to teach in France yesterday. Glad that's done.

· Jason Collet (member of Broken Social Scene) is now the proud owner of a Guillaume de Terre pin. Megan, the venerator, saw him after he opened for Feist in Ann Arbor the other night. Her friend Mary Beth demanded that Megan give him a pin. She gave it to him and told the story behind it. He liked it, put it on and gave her one of his pins. Which reminds me. If you want a Sainthood Now for Guillaume de Terre t-shirt. Give me a "black-ink-friendly" t-shirt and I'll have it silk screened.

· I had chipotle for the first time yesterday. It was more delicious than I could have ever expected. I had it again today. And I'll probably have it again tomorrow. Thank you Subway, and thank you Mandie.

· I had this e-mail conversation with B-Lite, the blind rapper.

I ordered a DVD of your music videos on November 10 and I haven't gotten it in the mail yet. I was hoping I could get it soon. Thanks, Kevin.

hi Kev, shit i'm really sorry - i must have forgotten.
I'll send it out right away tomorrow - and email you
right afterwards.

ok kevin, i just dropped that shit in the mail.
i'm really fucking sorry about how long it took.
let me know if you're really pissed and i'll
refund the ten bones.

no need to worry! i kind of forgot about it for a while too. hell, i
saw the videos at a houseparty about a year ago and was fucking blown
away. i wanted my own copy, but it took me a while to get around to
ordering. then after i did, i forgot. thanks for sending it out, i
appreciate it. are you releasing any new stuff soon? -kevin

yes, i am releasing a new album within a week or so, but it's
for my band, "Triangle Forest". It's basically a new-wave album.

Long story short: B-Lite party!


that dude has a pretty visually stunning website for a blind fellow. Is he really blind?

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