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Possible mistakes

· I went to "Soup's On" (a charity event for soup kitchens where you buy soup and attend a silent auction) with Chris, Alexis, Mark and Marisa tonight. Ted gave up his free tickets from Ionpost because of the lack of ample seating, so I ate for free! (there were approximately 3 types of vegetarian soups...) We eventually made our way to the auction tables and the celebrity bowls. Los Lobos, WOOD TV 8, Kid Rock, Carrot Top and Chris Van Allsburg all had signed/decorated bowls. But the one I was excited about was this:

Governor Granholm had a bowl that she painted and signed at Holland's Tulip Time festival. The bidding was at $65. I signed up for auctioning and put down $75. As I walked away from it I saw an old couple, who seemed to be watching me. Ten minutes later, I saw that it had shot up to $85 and then a senile woman wrote down $55, not understanding anything. I fired back with $95. Another ten minutes later it went to $110, the same couple from before. With a few minutes remaining I wrote down $130, to stick it to them. I saw the woman get back in to sign it and I followed her, a few people behind. She looked at the price and mouthed to her husband, "One thirty!" And he slapped his hand in the air as if to say, "Forget it!"

Twenty minutes later I walked out with that bowl! Eat your heart out, Anthony!

· I haven't washed my hair in 4 days because I hear that you aren't supposed to that often. It feels great not doing so, I have to say. Tomorrow I shall condition, but that's all!

· While on the bus I was thinking about how many people we see everyday. And wondered if the number was in the hundreds or possibly thousands and how it just depends on where we are. So, I decided that I'm going to try to count every person I see for a few days.

· I went all of January without cheese. And have decided to give up something every month...possibly going vegan, but not for some time (I'll be having cheese still, just less frequently).

Now I'm thinking of giving something else up in February. Care to take a poll?


oh, to be salaried.

can i eat out of it?

Eat out of a $130 bowl.. that's not very nice George, haha.

Thanks for the warm welcome Kevin, and good luck with the counting of people. I'm interested to see what you get : )

i ate spaghetti out of it the other night. i think i'll put it away now. but i do think it deserved to have food in it once.

as for counting people, i keep forgetting to do it! damn.

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