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her love is real but she is not

I'm so bad with money. I reinstated my savings account yesterday to start, well, saving. And, I've finally worked out a budget.

Last night at The DAAC Edie Sedgwick was pretty great. I'm trying to think how best to describe the show. He dressed in drag as Sedgwick and read some great haiku.

Scarlett Johansson

What if an actress
wasn't as good at acting
as some thought she was?

And sang songs about celebrities with a backdrop of videos (some of which can be found here) of edited clips from movies or other footage of the celebrity. I liked the 'Robert Downey Jr.' song featuring video of him falling down and getting helped up to the lyrics, "Relapse! Recovery!" 'Arnold Schwarzenneger' was good and can be found on his myspace page.

A foreign-born prince to be.
A performance-enhanced techonolgy.
The girlie-men keep us apprised
of the alpha-male's meteoric rise.
Will he dare "pump us up" if
we aren't made of stronger stuff?

During all this, however, there were a group of a-holes who insisted on talking between songs (forgetting that Sedgwick is a performance artist, not just a musician changing instruments between songs), throwing shit at each other across the venue and just overall being obnoxious.

The band before Sedgwick, The Casionauts, participated in this ruckus too! They opened for Sedgwick and couldn't show any respect, allowing their friends (namely an annoying girl who put stickers on people, blew bubbles, talked throughout the whole show, laughed so others could hear her and kept hitting her friends with her hips, causing collisions) to be complete jerks.

The Casionauts performance was a sign of things to come. The guitarist was this tool who kept playing the guitar behind his back, dancing around as if he were Jagger, or in the Hives or Hot Hot Heat. It wasn't even when he took off his shirt that I got really angry. It was when the fucker stood in front of the stage, blocking his bandmates, and played all showy, acting like he was the band.


What an angry week we're having.


we're playing with the casionauts at some point. i heard they're assholes in general.

But that fellow's robo-cop t-shirt is wonderful.

wow, that is a robo-cop shirt. wow, it kind of makes me want to punch him more.

and good luck, narwhalers.

oh god.

Bob Narley and the Whalers. stupid...

i like your new header.

thanks. it's distorted since i can't fix the templates. but thank you.

oohh the casionauts are fine, they have a great sound and are friendly from my experience, their fans just have a different "show ethic". Their song "they live" rules.

sorry dude, we didnt mean to be dicks, we love edie sedgwick.

jon (the tool in)/casionauts

The Casionauts are fucking cool as peeps and my boyz...sux that you had a bad experience at a show they played at...but check them out again and you will get a different view...they are probably a different type of energy in a band that what you are used to seeing...I have not seen edie sedgwick perform...but if he comes to Detroit I will check him out...sounds really cool..but you have your criticism and thats cool I just don't want the guys from Casionauts to be if they were assholes I would not be putting there picture disk 7" out on Hell City Records with my bro Jason...they all rock and each show they play kicks ass...they talk to all the people at the shows...each member is down to earth...its hard to find bands like that nowadays...alot of times we all get misunderstood...

Rock On,
Robert Enell
Co-Owner Hell City Records

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