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Tears of a clown

I missed the bus. Just barely. I waved at the guy as he turned the corner and he ignored me. I've put up with his stupid stories to other passengers about how you can find your way out of a forest and how "the people" in New Orleans were taking TVs and beer when what they should have been using were compasses. I've put up with his drumming on the ticket taker device while stopped at Jefferson & Fulton. And he couldn't help me.

So, I'll share this.

On Sunday I filmed a skit for Pseudo where I was a clown who killed someone. Many said I looked like Ziggy Stardust.

While we were doing this, I told Alex how I've always wanted to see a clown vomiting. I just think that might be funny. I find puking funny for some reason. So I bought some soup and we went to the bathroom.

And made a short movie.


that's pretty gross. but, i thinking puking is gross.

yeah. why would you do this?

not classy.

well... um... as above.

puking is gross. but it is also funny. the mouth is this incredible tool for humans. we use it to eat, drink, speak, sing, whistle, smile, kiss and laugh.

we also use it for unsettling things: to insult, spit, frown, cough and vomit. the mouth has many roles. and vomiting is the weirdest one. the one that isn't really intended to happen. food isn't supposed to come out of there!

some could argue it's just childish toilet humor. but i disagree. i hate toilet humor. i'm not obsessed with puking. i just think it's kind of funny.

but you are vomiting into a toilet. that is, by definition, toilet humor.

you've got me there. i guess i've always defined toilet humor as fart/poop jokes.

this is really bizarre.

I love it. Do your thing homie. Hatters be damned!

I already posted

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