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I went with Greg, Mark and Matt to New York City. Mark stole pictures from Greg and posted them.

At the Museum of Natural History we saw BEASTS!

Mark would hunt this!

I knew someone in high school who looked like one of those...

Seriously. They aren't extinct?

Nose fetish.

Like that movie!

We performed karaoke in a private room!

Common is vegetarian!

Insane people built a tree fort or something.

Greg took many pictures, had many moments.

Some dude on the subway drew this of me and Devon.

Stupid gas station.

I bought several toys in the "Are You Businessman?" series by Dehara Yukinori

On Friday I went with Tom and Joel to Chicago. I tried to buy a haircut with a bologna scarf (typo, but I'm keeping it).

I wondered if they were saying that two biracial people can have white children. Then I realized it's just an abortion clinic...

The night before the trip to New York Mark saw Matt Madden at the UICA speak about his new book 99 Ways to Tell a Story: Exercises in Style. It's a collection of 99 tellings of the same story in a comic. The idea was borrowed from Raymond Queneau of OuLiPo. I saw the book in Chicago and bought it. I'm impressed and very jealous. Queneau and OuLiPo are the greatest influences of that one project of mine. Here are a few of my favorite retellings, poorly scanned


(combined with Queneau's story)

(as a Chik Tract)


matt madden came to ann arbor also, audrey and i went to see him, chris oposnow said he might be there but wasn't. also matt madden used to post those excersies online, they are pretty awesome.

kyle, was his presentation in ann arbor interesting?
i wasn't totally bored here, but i wasn't totally blown away either.

I went to that Natural History Museum too. Did you check out the Darwin exhibition? It was inspirational.

I have read so many of those tracks.

anthony- no, i tried! i thought my group was all buying tickets since mark said, "we should go to the museum of natural history. they have a darwin exhibit." i went up to the counter and bought a ticket and said, "also, one for the darwin exhibit". the woman said, "oh! we just sold out." then all the other people started alerting people that, basically, someone at another entrance bought the ticket just befor me. oh well.


that devon looks pretty shifty.

ps is that a damacy shirt?

it IS a damacy shirt. straight from panic. for christmas.

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