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4. A robot may not move faster than a human being

The other day I saw a video of Honda's ASIMO robot running. You may have seen it before in some commercial fetching a newspaper or more recently dancing with Beck in his video for Hell Yes. This video is intriguing. This robot is not just walking. It's not shaking someone's hand. It's not pushing a cart. It's running. I guess it's more like...creeping around. Like a burgling rapist. And it scares the hell out of me. I don't want robots briskly sneaking up behind me. It isn't right.

And so, I told the others in the room that people would be less likely to support a "running" robot that moves in such a way if it had three things: a face, a penis and a knife. To demonstrate this I did a really shitty mockup of what such a robeast would look like. I used these clips to create...

let it load a second time and see how terrifying he really is.



#4. HA

though, i agree that using peppers head is totally lame.

i was just going to use a blank face. then i was going to use cuba gooding jr.'s face from the fighting temptations poster, as per mark's suggestion. then tom suggested brian peppers.

creepy as hell.

just showed this to a friend again, we were talking about ASIMO.

so creepy.

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