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Punishment. In higher places.

On the bus this morning I overheard this couple behind me arguing about how they dress. The guy wanted his girlfriend to know that she didn't always have to dress up. He'd like to see her relax and wear sweatshirts more often. She wouldn't have any of it. She said that she likes that his wardrobe has changed since Christmas. He wears more polo shirts and looks nice. He said to her,
"I don't want you to think you have to dress up every day. You can dress up, sure, but you can relax. I'd like you to not have to dress up all the time. Could you do that?"
"No, I can't," she said. "Would you be able to dress up and look nicer more often?"
"Yeah. I actually could."

There was a lot of silence. Every so often they'd start up again and the guy would start to use more swearwords. He'd say it was all bullshit. She cares way too much about what other people think. She made a comment about how all his friends thinking she dresses up too much. He said that that was proof. He doesn't care what others think. She's obsessed with it. It was "bullshit". There was more silence. It seems like they would realize we'd near campus and that there would have to be a resolution by the time we got there. The fighting would get slightly more intense and bitter. The guy would swear more. The woman would scoff and sigh harder.

When we made it to campus the woman asked, "Are you getting off here?" The guy said that he wasn't because he had enough time before his class, and added, "Unless you don't want me to walk you to class."
"No, don't say that," she said back, slightly angry. I then got off, never looking behind me or acknowledging that I was listening in. I did look in the glass in front of me (the seat just behind the middle exit) and the person standing in front of the glass wearing the black jacket provided a clear background to reflect their faces. The guy looked like a total nerd! The woman wasn't a prize either. I breathed a sigh of relief. Ugly people aren't happy with each other either.

Party pictures!

Like Greg, I didn't take that many this weekend.

Ricky danced with Pleiades to "Out of the Races and Onto the Track"...very seriously

They just look good.

Lindsey, Greg, George, Greg's gaze, George's crotch

Matt made balloon animals

I took this from Greg


If only! Ever since I found that site I've wanted nothing more than for an incarnation for every metro area in the world! It'll be the myths we rebuild with after the apolcalypse!

that's the thing...this took place across several municipalities. i should have recorded the conversation and had the device connected to gps, then have each part of the conversation....blah blah blah.

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