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When you see a monkey crying, it has no heart to beat

· At the second-to-last-day-of-conferences-banquet in Monterey (yes it was fun, but it wasn't a vacation) I sat at a table with David, some nice academics he met last year, a guy we met two years ago in San Diego and the student staff who had been assisting throughout the conference. During dinner one girl, who was a little big, mentioned that she was at a restaurant in Monterey and a couple marines were in line in front of her. One of them talked to the other in Spanish about "some of [her] body parts". She yelled at him in Spanish, warning that he should be careful what he says. She then went on to talk about her boyfriend who lives in Spain. A lot.

Dessert came and it was chocolate cake covered in almonds or something. Pretty good. The girl liked it and along with her two friends she ordered milk with it. At the end of the meal she didn't finish it and had it boxed up. A meal at the end of a conference where you "order" by saying 'chicken', 'fish' or 'vegetarian'. She asked to have it boxed up. And when one of her friends left she commented how the friend hadn't finished her milk.

"I had two glasses! She didn't even finish one! I love milk. Soo much. I finish a gallon in two days."

· This is my new desktop.

· I'm researching my tattoo more. And I'm writing a song called, "Monkey in Your Heart".

· Before going to Monterey I locked my bike up on campus in Allendale. I changed the combination to my birth date so someone could move it (to prevent people from thinking it's abandoned and then steal the last two). But I never got around to getting someone to move it. When I tried to unlock it today it wouldn't budge. The default one, my old one and the new combination didn't work. I don't know what to do. There's this odd part of me that wants it stolen because I hate how red it is and it'd be funny if I had three bikes stolen. But don't steal it! Unless you get lock cutters, steal it, make me freak out and then surprise me with it. That, I'd appreciate.


Campus Security has lock cutters and they can probably help you with this.

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