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Secrets & Lies

· I learned how to blow bubbles with gum from Leanne Nadwodnik.
· I learned the concept of 'present perfect tense', specifically through a lesson that you say "I saw" and "I have seen" and not "I seen" from Cara Chlebek.
· I told Libby Turows that I saw the Smashing Pumpkins twice before the time I saw them at the Van Andel Arena. One of these times was supposedly at the venue in Traverse City where she saw them.
· I told Steffan Copenhaver that I made out with a girl who was in a parade at Irish Fest in Milwaukee.
· I told Steffan Copenhaver that I wanted to buy the Ace of Base CD for my cousin and asked what he thought of specific songs to see if she'd like it. I knew the CD pretty well as Andy Dietrich had it and I listened to it quite a bit because of him. I think I just wanted to an excuse to talk about music I really liked (and was ashamed of) with someone new.

I think I'm really on to something here. Take the bottom of your bag of chips (all the small pieces, crumbs, etc.) and dump it into a glass. Then put in a bit of salsa and stir with a fork. Eat with that fork.


that salsa gag really is something! thanks for reminding me of it.

it isn't a gag! it's a very real food!

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