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We're winning.

Today was/has been/is/will be/will have been incredibly productive. I woke up early and ate breakfast, but then took a nap. I did an incredible amount of laundry and decided what clothes I wanted to throw/give away. I played kickball. I got sunburned. I got ice cream three times. I thought of a name for a jazz musician: Tits Merkle. I rode my bike. I ate at Grand Central Market. I almost got my haircut, but they took a lunch break 2 hours before they closed and I couldn't do it. I walked to a park. I ran down a hill backwards. And I'm about to go to the bar. And I won't tell you who I did any of these things with!

I never showed anyone the coaster I bought in Monterey.

(Except, it says "Montery Bay, California" on the bottom)


it sounds like an euphamism, but his magic is real.

I got a sunburn too. I didn't realize it until later when I was all dresses up in my suit and I went in to the bathroom.

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