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I went to Coachella...a week ago

I'll get to that in a minute.

I went to Coachella with Taylor last weekend. The schedule was rough (it wasn't until later that I realized we didn't have to see whole sets) but we ended up seeing:

depeche mode
daft punk
franz ferdinand
sigur ros
damian marley
cat power
animal collective
devendra banhart
the walkmen
imogen heap
lady sovereign
the zutons
head automatica (ugh!)
kanye west
brother ali
massive attack
yeah yeah yeahs
scissor sisters
sleater kinney
seu jorge
ted leo & the pharmacists
the go! team
the dears
mates of state
the octopus project

Meaning I only missed one or two bands that I would've liked to see. Oh well.

Once we flew into L.A. we hung out with Libby and Jo Ann for a few hours noticing all the scene kids and how everyone either has a Razr phone, Sidekick or Bluetooth headset for a phone. L.A. makes me nauseated.

And I got to try out my new hand gesture. I'm sick of people doing 'peace' or putting just one finger up for whatever reason. I'm going with three!

Then Taylor and I drove 2 1/2 hours to the event, barely staying awake. We would read signs aloud and play with the radio constantly just to stay up. That and we drank Tab energy drink. (Its secret is its awful taste keeps you awake!) By the time we got in, registered and set up our tent the sun was rising. I tried to fall asleep but couldn't. Taylor and I ended up not sleeping until that night, staying up for nearly 48 hours.

After organizing everything we went to wait in line. And we met a drunk guy who said anything, his girlfriend and their albino friend, Amy. We ended up hanging out with Amy a bit. She was really nice but may have been a bullshitter. You know how I know. Well, there's a saying about it.

It was really hot there. Apparently not as hot as last year, but when it's almost 100F it's fucking hot. And I loved it. Unlike Michigan, when I sweat it felt good! Eventually I took off my shoes like a hippie and walked barefoot everywhere (until I lost them at Massive Attack).

When not listening to music there was a lot to do. Taylor found a lucha libre wresting mask.

There was an area with bikes set up like a carnival. A bunch of bikes were connected like a carousel. Two bikes made a ferris wheel! And there was this punishing bike.

A lot of my pictures didn't turn out because they were so far away or so backlit. These weren't.

The guy from Animal Collective freaked out and put purple paint on his face. And I recorded part of Banshee Beat.

Daft Punk was fucking great. Wow. Just go to youtube and watch some of their stuff. I got a bit of Technologic.

In this Devendra Banhart picture the exposure was wierd and though he's only shirtless, you can magically see his elephantine penis. And he played my jam!

Mates of State played These Days.

Ted Leo played 30 seconds of One More Time. Seriously, everyone loved Daft Punk.

Sleater Kinney was awesome.

So were The Go! Team, The Dears, and the Scissor Sisters actually.

Then some girl passed out.

And these dudes camped near us.

There was a Tesla coil!

This is trash!

These people must be hung up on Madonna. Har har har! We ended up "seeing" her from 100 ft outside the dance tent on a screen.

Oh, and I met Santino from Project Runway. I've never watched the show, but am familiar with him. While standing around a food tent I heard someone say, "Santino!" I didn't see him so I shrugged it off. A minute later this tall, interestingly-dressed guy walked by and I asked him, "Santino! Can I get a picture with you?" His friends were all like, "Santino! C'mon, let's go!" But then he was totally all, "Just a minute. Okay, go ahead." And, after dumping water on my head to keep cool and while grinning like an idiot, he squinted from the sun and took the picture with me.

At one point I had three ideas to make music festivals better:
1. Rent out lockers for something like $5-$10/day. People can buy their shirts, posters and records and store them.

2. If concert promoters are all concerned about the environment and being cool and all, they would care about water*. Instead of selling water and Gatorade everywhere and accumulating mountains of trash in bottles they could hand everyone a water bottle when they get in. Then they can setup water filling stations throughout the park. If someone doesn't want to carry their water bottle, they put it in their locker.

3. This wouldn't work. The floor where everyone's standing at a show would actually be a bunch of manholes. One per person. To get into the venue people go to this underground holding area. Each manhole has a ladder going up to it from this underground area. To get to a spot you climb up one side of the ladder, close the manhole and stand on it. To leave you climb down the other side and walk out. That way if you're in the front and want out, you don't have to wade through the sea of people. Now, the organization underground requires magic. So I don't have to bother explaining that.

*It pissed me off how Palm Springs and the concert venue are all in the desert. Well, because we're pumping in all this water for arid place and not just for people to drink. The lawns (that you can't see in the gated communities) and plants are all so manicured and they fucking water the roads/ditches to keep dust down! So much water is wasted on these rich fuckers.

-Photos from elsewhere
·Desert Sun (local paper)
·Rolling Stone


those bluetooth headsets are gonna be it. just wait.

did those 4 dudes get their whole set up from american apparrel?

hmm. LA is an interesting place to try out new hand signs.

Those guys look like Voltron Force.

How did you lose your shoes at Massve Attack? Please tell us more about the Go! Team.

Do you think this is the sort of thing you will tell your grandchildren about, or was it just a good show?

i think bluetooth is going to be a good thing. right now it's like a bunch of androids walking around.

taylor and i first thought those american apparel looking guys were doing a death from above type thing. now that i think of it, there were a lot of people dressed in exercise wear. what's with that?

i was careful about doing those signs indoors.

i went to the bathroom during massive attack, before tool, and when i came back it was too crowded to find my spot and i lost taylor for a couple hours.

i wished i could have seen more go! team. actually, after i lost my shoes at massive attack i saw the last half of go! team's set. surprsingly good live.

and yes, i'll tell my kin about it. i made tom jealous and now he wants people to go out there every summer for a reunion.

mates of state played "these days" at the detroit show, too. i thought i was going to die.

is devendra drinking out of a wine bottle? please tell me it's so.

when i see him at pitchfork, i'm going to pass out. or something.

i was there too. i only went the first day. i think i was like ten feet to the left of you at animal collective.


I know who was there, but just re-reading that playlist and you hearing all of that is beyond me.

Good call on the water. Is it me, or is urban sprawl one of the main reasons why western states are begging us for some of our blue loot? (i.e. they move out to places where everything needs to be irrigated and pumped out and they sit around scratching their heads as to why there's a shortage in the neighborhood.)

Bluetooth is snazzy. Certainly more credible than this Blu Ray nonsense.

Links are well-appreciated, as always.

Even though I've seen that playlist a thousand times, imagining hearing all that is still beyond me.

Spot on about the water. Is it me or is urban sprawl out there directly related to their begging of us for our blue gold?

Bluetooth seems to have a lot more cred than something like Blu Ray.

Do think this kind of "revival" of festivals is gonna have any tangible effect on the music biz?

Links are well-appreciated, as always.

Way to link up the Buzznet blog!

emily: it is a wine bottle!

patrick: whoa! did you see all those kids doing the sign language applause? animal collective fans are kids from Laguna Beach.

justin: i wish the west would stay away from our water. but it's hard for me to say that. it's too cold for me here and i like california (not LA...).

i hope this has an effect on music. i hope we move to the music festival circuit completely. it makes so much sense!

luke: i thank google.

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