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I'm going to write about how this site needs an overhaul. My banner sucks. The "separator" is something I've been ignoring (it looks cool in Safari!). The layout is basic and boring. The color scheme is ugly. There's no Web 2.0ness happening here. I don't have the g-rad badge and no good outbound links. I basically lifted my CSS wholesale from KMikeyM (or Y.A.C.H.T.?) a long time ago and it has a bunch of stuff I don't use in it.

In short: I need to "class this bitch up". And I won't be posting again until I do. I'm really liking Cory's and Beezy's g-rad blogs right now. I look to them for inspiration.


look to geo for the inspiration...I told him what I wanted and he helped me and gave me pointers.

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