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I wanna rock right now

I hate how I wish I were at these parties and clubs where Two Eagles Marcus takes pictures. I don't generally consider myself such a tool, but I've been guilty of wishing I could live in the world of beach party beer commercials and pool-shooting cologne ads. I'm happy without this bullshit, yet I still want it!



Grand Rapids = Two Eagles Marcus
Los Angeles = DJ Steve Aoki Kid Millionaire

I'm guessing you're kidding here, but make no mistake it is a sad sad sad depressing world. Be overwhelmingly greatful you're not a part of it.

For further proof go to:

That's funny, because I'd rather go take pictures at lame scene parties all polaroid scene style (when it still existed). I don't know.. kind of like Two- Eagles Marcus, except higher quality, and less douchey.

believe me, i'd like to do that more- i'm not even cool enough for those. and patrick's link kind of shows those. but still douchey. did i forget to mention that i don't want any guys in those places and i just like under-dressed women. yeah, i just like chicks, man.

I read a thing a couple of years ago about Devon Aoki(the fly fly fly model)'s younger brother starting a hipster record label from his dorm room at ucla or something.

I know the feeling. This Two Eagles Marcus confuses me. I don't understand how he opperates, but there's part of me that would kill to be able to do what he does. And then there's that part of me that knows better.

i saw the two eagles guy at a bar once.

and i get that urge a lot. i think everyone wants [or wants to imagine] what it's like to be famous.

...but it goes away the second i read the "naughty camera and his boy" caption.

you guys are funny. i am a regular person that likes to go out and have fun with my friends and meet women just like anyone else. i don't make anybody do anything they don't want to.

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