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Hot Number One

· Vodka and Orangina are a great mix, but I don't think I'm going to do it anymore. The Orangina masks the vodka too much and then I get sleepy. I think I'm done with vodka for now. I want to be productive.

· I went to Northwestern in Evanston yesterday for work. I love the town so much. It's like there's this Ann Arbor right next to Chicago. It all made me feel like I should have gone to a bigger school in a cooler town. Then I felt guilty for thinking that. But we went to look at new language lab software being developed that we might use at GVSU. It all blew my fucking mind.

One of the guys working on it is this awesome Mac programmer and I barely understood the conversations he was having with the more tech-savvy Chris who came along. It inspired the fuck out of me. It made me want to take computer programming classes and everything. I'm actually going to do this. I say it every couple months, but I think it is vital for job security and just necessary knowledge for being even moderately interested in computers. That is all.

· I ate green curry at this Thai place in Evanston and it was really hot. But I think it's weird that I don't sweat when I eat spicy food. My mouth just goes numb and I have to blow my nose.

I ordered the Hot Number One, because no one wants to eat hot number two.

· I don't like men's feet. So I don't expect you to either. But there is something weird with my toes. I don't know much about toe flexibility or how muscles are connected, etc. But it doesn't seem to me that we aren't all that dextrous in the feet. I can't move my toes independently like I can move my fingers. The real thing of it is this:

On my left foot when I bend my big toe town a little, my 'index toe' moves with it as if they're one entity. I can move the four little toes down together and keep the big one up, and vice versa. I know I should think, "Hey, I can't move the little toes all that independently, so why does it matter with the big toe?" Because I can't do it on my right foot! When I try to move that toe, all the others go with it, very awkwardly. There is no big toe/index toe connection. But the index toe kind of just falls on my big toe like it's really tired and wants to lay down.


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