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It's not hard to go the distance when you finally get involved face to face

We went to the mothafucking Grill last night for the first and last time. They aren't normally open on Tuesdays but since it was the day of the beast they had a theme night with girls dressed as angels and devils...that no one showed up to. I'm sure TwoEagles Marcus will have lame pictures up soon. While in the bathroom this guy finishing up said to me, "See this? Y'ever been with an angel?" as he motioned toward the feather in his cap.
"No, but I've had my share of demons."
"Oh man, don't even talk to me about that. I once fucked a dragon." He was really excited about all this.
"Yeah, once in the 60s I was tripping on acid and this girl just turned into a dragon. I mean, it was in the dark, but she turned into this dragon. And she didn't even know she was turning into a fucking dragon!" He left the bathroom and gave me a respectful fist pound.

I downloaded a really good bootleg of the Daft Punk show from Coachella. You should plug it, play it, burn it, rip it, drag and drop it, zip- unzip it. There are three files. Download them all: chunk 1, chunk 2, chunk 3.



ugh, i've never seen that guy's site before. it's gross.

TWO EAGLES! My Non Verbal teacher would go to clubs where he was. Her friends were featured as girl of the day sometimes.

What more could I ask for out of a post?

What more could I ask of you?!

haha... my site is gross isn't it!

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