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Reagan coin

(I'll do no research before this...)

There's this commercial for a Reagan dime. It's a collector's coin. It's not a coin that is valid currency in the US and it's not one that is valid in Liberia or wherever special collector's coins aimed at Americans come from. It's just a coin that looks like one that already exists but with a different president. I know the US releases special coins that are worth a lot AND could be used as real currency (even though it'd be worth less), but I've never seen anything like this. Someone actually told me about this the other day I believe. They made it sound like, "Did you hear there's a movement to put Reagan on the dime?" And this must be it. People love Reagan so much they want him on a coin already...and to replace F.D.R.. It's just fucking crazy to me. So this silver coin is a consolation prize I guess.

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