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Shh, it's a secret

If I'm home alone, I will do nothing but sleep. Nothing. I proved this twice, yesterday. It makes me worry that if I were the last person on earth I'd just nap all the time (and potentially miss where civilization went to, die in my sleep from vampires/zombies, miss out on all the cool stuff you could do if no one else were around).


like what?

If I'm home alone, it takes forever for me to convince myself to sleep. I only feel like going to sleep after I notice everyone else is doing it.... the Internet keeps me plenty occupied otherwise. Strange.

· fly planes (learn to)
· run around with animals
· make pizzas (learn to)
· read everything
· watch everything


i can sleep pretty easily, but my mind's all like, "hey, dude, something fun could happen, stay awake for now!" a counselor once told me to stay off the computer for a half hour before bed to sleep more easily.

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