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Andheri East, here I come!

I noticed a charge on my checking account today.

Jet Airways is an Indian airline. Andheri East is a suburb of Mumbai. They're traveling within India either to or from Mumbai. And I can't do anything about it until it's officially posted to my bank and not just pending. Maybe I've trusted internet commerce too much.



my friend has some guy charge 300 dollars worth of World Of Warcraft stuff on his account. my parents were right about being cautious.

someone else is telling me that it's probably from a convenience store ATM now. nowhere's safe!

I _never_ use/trust convenience store ATMs. Not only are fees levied, but stuff like this can happen. The trend these days are modified ATMs that store your card info for later, uh, processing.

first of all, blog redesign on the way?

do you do much internet shopping? I have for years and have never had a I am worried.

As jdawe and another friend have pointed out to me, it's not internet shopping that's the problem. There are lots of shady ATMs out there- specifically at convenience stores. I had no idea and will never use one again.

So, I just have to wait until it gets posted, then tell them I obviously didn't spend that money and get a new card. I should be fine.

And yes, I'm in the process of redesigning it all.

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