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I failed my Kobayashi Maru exam

Pretend I've known all about soccer/football forever. I've always known how to play, have loved playing it, have loved watching it, have followed teams/statistics/players and am a real fan.

I watched the Australia vs. Italy match today on Univision. World Cup is so much better in Spanish. I don't really know what's said, but I feel what they're saying. And ABC has a delay. All these articles agree, though. Australia was screwed! I'll still bring my flag.

I don't care how many people I've told this to. Robots are awesome...

"The result is machines that evolve and develop by themselves without human intervention," explained Stefano Nolfi, coordinator of the ECAgents project, which has brought together researchers from disciplines as diverse as robotics, linguistics and biology.

"What has been achieved at Sony shows that the technology gives the robot the ability to develop its own language with which to describe its environment and interact with other AIBOs – it sees a ball and it can tell another one where the ball is, if it’s moving and what colour it is, and the other is capable of recognising it,” he said.

The most important aspect, however, is how it learns to communicate and interact.

Whereas we humans use the word ‘ball’ to refer to a ball, the AIBO dogs start from scratch to develop common agreement on a word to use to refer the ball.

They also develop the language structures to express, for instance, that the ball is rolling to the left.

The researchers achieved this through instilling their robots with a sense of ‘curiosity’.

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