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Your ankles are killing me

· Everything turned out alright with the bank. I leave tonight and am planning to update from there. I have several activities planned out that mimic German language textbook chapters:

Getting a haircut
At the Supermarket
In a restaurant
At a Fußball match

I plan on learning as much vocabulary for each event and then plan to refuse to speak English during them. Any other suggestions?

· Eric was talking about synaesthesia the other night and after playing some math games on Brain Age for the DS I remembered that I've always felt certain things for certain math problems. Not like color with numbers. But that certain number combinations go well together and feel right when added/subtracted to/from each other. I first thought this was just, "Oh, because that's the right answer." But I get certain, indescribable feelings (that sounds so intense and magical...) when I do times tables with 4, 8 and 9, for instance. I don't know. I'm a weirdo.

· My brother is working at a fancy hotel as a server in Harbor Springs (near Mancelona!) all summer. My mother first described his living area (a big dorm with two people to a room) as like "Dirty Dancing". I haven't seen it, but assume that she's saying Lance will seduce some city girl who stays there with his dirty dances. She then said, "I can see it like Animal House. All these good-looking college students with nowhere to go, plenty of money and other good-looking college students." My dad made mention of how good looking the girls are there. The point is, I'm actually a little jealous that I never got a summer job like this. This will probably be good for him. His friends aren't bad, but he gets in a lot of trouble with them. He won't have his car (so he can't drink and drive...) and he'll be around some different people.

No, that's not my point, that's my rationalizing it all. When I get back from Germany, I'll be living at my parents' house for a few months. In that time my brother will be working. I'll be the only child again. They'll probably buy me groceries, drive me to/from work, let me use the car, let me have people over, etc. It'll be rent-free paradise (sort of). And instead of thinking, "That's a shame. Lance and I could have connected before I went to France for a while. Not just as brothers who don't get along, but as friend," or some bullshit, I thought, "Cool. now I don't have to worry about locking up my stuff fearing he'll pawn/damage it. Oh, and the bathroom won't be a big mess now. And mom and dad will spoil me!" So, I feel guilty. (This is actually part one of an ongoing series...)

But I'll forget it for now. See ya!


I get the same way with math. It's not synaesthesia, but it's a whole lot of awesome. I think that's why I'm good at math.

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