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So many band aids

June 30

My parents took me to the airport and we had two 22oz Bass Ales at the sports bar there. I got a bit tipsy. We said goodbye and I sat next to Tommy Hakim on the plane. I've never met him. I know he lived in Niemeyer my freshman year and I saw his name plastered all over running for community council or something. And Justin told me his name was pronounced 'Hock-im'. I thought this was ridiculous and was later told the truth by others (Huh-keem). I sat a couple seats over and he seemed slightly anxious. He was wearing a Detroit Tigers hat and some other Detroit shirt and I wondered if he was just getting off at Detroit and not connecting. I slept for nearly the whole flight, save a bathroom trip. And felt sober when I woke up.

In Detroit I exchanged my money and tried to get food, but was too lazy. I got on the plane and moved from one seat in the middle to a window seat so a family could sit next to each other. I sat next to an old Polish woman doing Sudoku. I put on the Kleptones album Seth posted/told me about and started grinning like an idiot at the thought of going to Germany.

The flight attendant was this short French woman with big teeth and a pendant with Arabic on it. She called everyone sweetheart and revealed to a passenger that she didn't drink. In front of me was a Canadian woman of about 40 and an 18-year-old boy. On first glance I assumed they were a mother and a son. But the woman ordered wine and the boy tried to as well but was told he couldn't by the flight attendant. The woman really tried to get him wine but she couldn't. Later in the flight the woman was giggling really loud at something the boy said. She was giggling like his lover! I assumed they were flying away to live where their love wouldn't be frowned upon.

· Why don't they constantly serve water on a plane? I was thirsty as fuck the whole time.
· Charles De Gaulle airport is a clusterfuck. I almost couldn't find my flight to Munich. And I thought, "I bet people liked the guy because of his last name. It basically means 'Charles of France'.
· I watched V for Vendetta on the plane and liked it quite a bit.
· I didn't get up from my seat on the flight to Paris once. Holy shit. I just slept awkwardly and watched the movie.
· I look very non-Euro. The English, Australians and Americans are easy to pick out with their either longer or buzzcut hair and baggy clothes. God, foreigners are so hot.
· I considered talking to girl reading Kant in French who sat next to me on the flight to Munich. Instead we just smiled at each other when there were weird noises on the plane. I'm a coward.

July 1 (steps walked: 11224- 5.3 miles) (I brought my pedometer because I want to see how much I walk and I hope it will encourage me to get healthy)

When we landed in Paris a lot of people applauded. Who does this? Are they so grateful we didn't get hijacked? Are they excited about flying? Do they feel the need to congratulate the pilot on a good job? Should they leave him a tip or something?

When we landed in Munich it was very quiet and clean. It took me a while to find the train into the city. I did and felt compelled to photograph everything but I was too lazy. A couple of girls got on and sat behind me and it felt really good hearing something I couldn't understand...just being an outsider. I think they eventually laughed when I got off with my huge bag. I also suspect a child asked his sister why I was allowed to have my feet on the seat in front of me. I immediately took them down.

(I almost started another paragraph with 'when') I walked around for a bit, unable to find my hostel and was actually stopped by a German tourist asking for directions. I let him look at the shitty map I bought but I couldn't help him.

I eventually found the hostel, found Anna (from Colac, Australia) and we watched the England v. Portugal match. The hostel is filled with Australians (it's called Wombat's) and with Australia out, they were a bit upset at England's loss. After the game I showered and continued drinking with Anna and people at the bar (IN THE HOSTEL!). Anna and I went out and bought some snacks and I got some Absolut and Fanta, hoping to recreate the Absolut/Orangina concoction. I failed miserably. It tasted awful and...I blacked out. I was really tired from the flight and (yeah, laugh at me you fucks. I fell asleep) I kept nodding off. I'm told I was asleep under a tree in the courtyard and lots of people took pictures. Anna spent 2 hours trying to coax me into my room. I kept asking to sit down for just a minute.

· I fit right in wearing shorts and sandals. Yeah, eat it Matty. It feels good. I can wear my ugly t-shirt/shorts/sandals combination and not have a care in the world.

July 2 (Steps walked: 29347, 13.86 miles!)

I woke up at 8am on the top bunk completely confused. Someone was pounding on the door and encouraging people to wake up, the bus was leaving. Most of the room scurried out. I didn't remember much of the night before. And I was worried I'd acted like an idiot. I showered and went down for the free breakfast. I was about to pay and reached for some money in my pocket but pulled out a beer coaster with a note from Anna saying, "Kevin, I took care of you last night because you kept falling asleep. I'm not mad." I went back to my room and watched the Root of All Evil? videos Adam posted about. That's another story.

I went back down to the bar/dining area and found Anna. Every couple of minutes I'd meet someone who'd ask, "Feeling okay today?" I felt fine. Anna and I walked around the city trying to find a museum. We went to a huge park with a Chinese beer garden and I nearly smacked a kid who put his head under the sneeze guard when trying to find the perfect pretzel. We then went to an art museum and walked around some more.

We then went on a pub crawl filled with these American kids who talked about rating women and were afraid of becoming alcoholics. I had some good conversations with two French kids. They spoke in English and I spoke in French, so we all could practice. On the crawl we went to the world's first beer garden and when I couldn't find the bathroom, I pissed behind the building where I could hear people washing dishes. The last stop was a hostel right next to ours and that was too lame, so Anna, a Canadian named Glyn and I went back to our hostel and drank until we got sleepy.

Today I'm going on a bike tour of the city and I plan on going to Dachau and the Neuschwanstein castle that Disney based theirs on. (yeah, disney has a castle) I'll be watching the semifinal in Munich outside the stadium tomorrow (no 4th of july celebration here) and then I'll be off to Prague on Wednesday.

· The new shoes I bought last week for the trip have been killing my Achilles tendon area. I brought a bunch of Band Aids to cover them, but I'm wearing sandals now anyway. But now I have sore spots from those. And my throat is all tickly and I wake up with so much phlegm! But none of it matters. As Anna said, I'm "wingeing" too much.
· I love hearing the European siren sound and ringtones I recognize from British TV shows.
· I'm pretty sure I saw a prostitute yesterday. The city's really nice and clean though. This woman was speaking English with a thick African accent to this nerdy, weird tourist guy. And he was pulling the front of her blouse out so he could look down her shirt. As I walked away, I heard her say, "Let's go then."


haha. too good. I love reading this please keep us informed of the trip.

When I was at CDG the entire third terminal (where my plane was departing from)had to be evacuated for a bomb threat. A day or so later, the roof in one of the terminals partially collapsed. It is quite a confusing place.

I think it is funny that you were worried about the shorts and sandals. I guarantee you look like a tourist, but there are so many tourists in Germany right now that I'm sure it doesn't matter. When me and mike went to England we bought a bunch of new black socks because no locals ever where white socks. Not even when working out. Glad to see you made it safely.

thanks beez.

i know i look like a tourist, but yeah, everyone does so i don't care. it's great.

Hope I didn't look too anxious on the plane. I was actually taking a flight from Detroit to Boston. You should have introduced yourself, it probably would have made my flight more interesting if I had someone to talk to. In any case, thanks for the mention in your blog. My last name is most correctly pronounced "Hakeem". The first one was pretty funny though.

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