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Bend it like what's his name

July 3 (25,689 steps - 12.13 miles)

I missed the bike tour and instead walked around with Anna and some Canadians. When they did their bike tour they saw this thing at a park where all these surfers were taking turns riding this artificial wave. We didn't have much of an agenda, so we walked around for 10 hours and eventually found it. I also saw the American embassy and was told that I'd be allowed to party there today. I'll pass.

While in the Englischer Garten, which is larger than Central Park, we talked about the Canadians and Australians using Busabout. They hide this from Americans! You pay to ride a bus between all these cities for cheap cheap cheap! I got a little disheartened at how little I planned this trip and how I only got two weeks off.

Not to get deep or anything, but...goddamn. Everyone else in the world has this completely different mindset- and I've mainly only talked to Canadians and Australians. Their plane tickets to Europe were far cheaper than what I paid. I think that's the tip of the iceberg in regards to how Americans feel about travel and trying new things. Others take so much time off and travel often. I could only get two weeks off! Most people are traveling for 3 months.

And I hate that. I hate that everything is about work. Alexis compared capitalism to socialism as moneyism and peopleism. It's all about money in the US. I don't like it at all and I haven't liked it for a long time. I don't like what I live in...sorry. In the fall I'll be teaching English in France. Next summer I'd like to travel around Europe as much as possible and after that...I'd like to stay there. I know this just sounds like a 'grass is always greener on the other side/look at me, I don't have to work and I'm on vacation in Europe' type of thing...and maybe it is, partially. But, I need out.

Ahem. So, instead of walking around Munich every day and forgetting when the match is (tomorrow, not today...oops), I'm getting organized today. Anna and I are going to Berlin either tomorrow night after the game or Thursday morning. Then I'm signing up for some flexistops on the Busabout so I can visit Prague, Vienna and a couple others. I really should have planned this out better, but I didn't know where to start. I think I've got things figured out now, though.

· There is a deposit on water bottles here! Genius!
· I've basically only had the free breakfast, beer and pretzels for nourishment every day. My walking means nothing.
· I heard a really good discussion between an Englishman, American and German about race/racism and European Union politics.
· I had a dream that planes were shot down around Grand Rapids and I had to take one to get to work but chickened out at the last minute...understandably. Then the landscape was like Road Warrior. My brain has no tact.
· I'm probably an idiot for wearing my Michigan: America's High Five shirt, but I like it. And I met two people from Grand Rapids with it.
· ::stereotypical remark about confusion from German keyboards::

I found this postcard while in the park yesterday. I saw it on the ground and instinctually picked it up. I looked at it and started laughing like a maniac. If it's genuine, I have the autographs of David Beckham and some other star players from the English team. I'm keeping it, but I do plan on sending a copy to Emma Hidster. Update: Josh Kahn has informed me that this is indeed fake, but still worth keeping.


woah!! a deposit on waterbottles is such a good idea!! i wonder if there can be a deposit on every vessel?

who did you meet from grand rapids?

PS. this is the best vacation reporting i have ever seen. you are blogging the shit out of this shit.

i met someone from catholic central actually! don't remember/care about his name.

i think there should be a deposit on everything. just to keep it all clean...even if it just got trashed.

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