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Pictures from Germany

Too many pictures. I like Flickr, but I like having my own pictures on my own server.

I saw this room at the airport in Detroit. Someone asked me what I was doing and I told him I had some religious reflection to do, and he got all apologetic but said, "Well, enjoy. It really isn't much. But you can do your thing in there."

The first picture of Munich! I saw this gentleman's club while looking for my hostel.

My first night in Munich, drinking with Anna.

Later that night...asleep under a tree.


There's this glockenspiel. It's kind of a let down.

More of the noon glockenspiel show.

Hofbrau House. Lots of room for drinking

A church the color of mustard. I heard the story on the bike tour. But I...forgot.

My meal 75% of the time.

I rode bikes with these people and didn't talk to most of them.

Peter Stormare does commercials for them now.

There's this Chinese tower in the English beergarden... in Germany!

There's this church that the devil helped a guy build. The guy betrayed the devil and was like, "Psyche! There are windows and it's a church, devil!" The devil was pissed and stomped his foot inside the church. He's about a size 14.

On my way to Fan Fest for the France v. Portugal game I saw these guys.

Walking into Fan Fest.

This is the Munich Olympic Stadium Park complex thing where Fan Fest took place.

There were karaoke contests among French, Portuguese and German fans. It was so bizarre. They all sang in English.

Portuguese girls sang a Nellie Furtado song

This German guy sang "Rockin' All Over the World

A French woman sang Abba and then the whole group got up and sang this awful World Cup song with the French woman really coming on strong

Fan Fest crowd grows!

And grows...

Anna wearing the Australian flag I brought.

Yeah, right!

This is the screen I watched the game on

The portajohn at Fanfest. So cute.

Nice mullet at Fan Fest.

People thought they could get tickets still.

Glyn took pictures all over with his Calgary flames moose.

I stuck my head in a catfish's head.

Ever since seeing Blazing Saddles I've always wanted to punch a horse. They've been punching horses forever!

I kept trying to take a picture of this guy. Very sexy. I did get that one video...

They had these lions everywhere. Like the cows in Chicago or the Calder sculptures in g-rad.

Sewer covers are pretty. I hate that I called the file "manhole". That is the most disgusting word.

I had sex with all these people on that bridge.

There was this stream where they set up a way for people to surf on it...

But look! The sign says no. You guys!

There are at least 5 boobs in this picture.

RAY ROMANO was on my pub crawl!

From Australia of Dutch descent. With a million dollar smile. His name is Phil.

I found the Australian Ricky Markiewicz. His name is Phil.

If you get caught without a ticket on a train you get charged 40 euros. The sign says something about how it's "black out of white". I think this means if you're a good passenger, you are white. But if you are a bad passenger you turn black?

This government building was partially designed by Hitler. He loved eagles!

And SS helmets!

I saw a bunch of Germans get in and then start to push this to France.

Run from FIRE!

When they work on a building in Europe, they cover the façade with a picture of what they think it'll look like when they're done.

It almost says Fucky.

I recognize G-d anywhere!


Scared of monkeys yet???

I scored like 800 goals.


Spell it.

Beautiful city and stuff...

The Monument to Victims of Communism. This guy burned himself in protest of communism.

They were building a new tram line and metro station right outside our hostel.

Absinthe. The shitty way: with sugar.

Charles bridge. Notice all the old timey sailors.

The Charles bridge. The couple we went to dinner with are taking the picture and posed in the green picture behind Anna. She's thinking something.

Rub the statue for a free wish. Why don't they rub the whole thing? The bronze looks great.

Marionette playing guitar!

Marionette parade!

I'm getting my wish.

So in love.

Wedding photos.

Yeah. Asshole.

This bizarre wood carving stuff for sale on the bridge...

Good King Wenceslas.

Death rings a bell when the astronomical clock tolls.

Changing of the guard at the castle.


They love clubs as much as I do!

I like to assume this guy put his penis in the lion's mouth and is urinating over it.

Peter is totally the rock. This is at that church in that castle.

I think I was punched in the left cheek before this.

They replaced a monument to Stalin with a metronome.

There was a skateboarding exhibition in town and they all partied around the metronome.

I was going to do a big exposé on Czech candy bars. Nope!

Warning: Progress ahead!

I loved this graffiti.

I think you rub this on your breasts.

Deep, man.


I saw these spikes in the ground, thinking they were gilded bullets commemorating a fight on this street or something.

Eat fresh and stuff

How typical.

I lost my camera on the last night in Prague. So who knows what clubbing pictures I took? I then bought a disposable camera in...

Cesky Krumlov!

Beautiful city, bridges, churches, castles, etc.


We went on a raft around the town.

On this river and that lock.

They have vodka flowing under the streets.


These are the girls I met on the train who took me to wine country.

From wine country to Vienna I saw a lot of sunflowers. A lot, man. Like, whoa.

There was a storm at the Mozart park some time before I got there.

They love punching horses everywhere! (There were 3 statues like this)

And clubbing people!

I was about to fill up my water bottle, until...

Past this sign you couldn't ride bikes. Or molest children.

The Number 1 in Handys!

These no parking signs in Europe made me think Charles Xavier was nearby.

I loved that headband.


Here I am gnawing on a Coca Lite bottle in front of a canal

This is how you knew you were entering the red light district. Or you couldn't drive down here. I'm pretty sure that thing in the middle could come down. In the day?

Sex happened behind these curtains.


When Satan gets pissed he just stomps his foot? What a baby.

5 boobs or 5 sets of boobs?

i really want that lion urine statue for my living room.


Wow! Kevin, I hope you don't mind if I traveled vicariously through you. Except I don't remember having sex with all those people on the bridge.

I don't understand how you lost your camera, but still have all these pictures. I'm assuming that it turned up later, right?

5 boobs. If you want, I can go back and look at the original...

I want that lion statue to come to life and follow me around. George, can you help me fix my page? I knew the pictures were going to be wide so I kept messing around with the width of the page and eventually got them to show up, but still make everything else look messed up.

Jake, I'm glad you could come along. Too bad you missed out on that bridge extravaganza, though. And I lost my camera but "thankfully" I'd switched memory cards the day before.

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