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· One of my longest used passwords is officially dead. My amazon account was the last to use it and I just changed it, after revealing it to some people this weekend. It was sartregetsqvc. Sartre gets QVC. sartregertsqvc joins his all-left-hand-password brethren bastardwafersex, qatarwasretarded, starwarsbeer, craftsaresad and freesexcafe. So long, old friend.

· I enjoy eating uncooked corn on the cob.

· I smell bad. The jersey I bought in Germany and wore while playing soccer (terribly) with Anthony last week smells awful. I washed it too.

· While flipping through political radio stations on XM I heard "All we are sayyyyying. Is give WAR a chaaaaance." Motherfuckers. How can people who crave war not be EVIL?

· After NBC Nightly News, Inside Edition came on and promoted the stories of the show as usual. It ended with, "Star Wars Kid gets revenge!" with a short cllip of the Star Wars kid waving his broomstick around. Then, "And... MAN ON FIRE!" accompanied by a clip of a stuntman on fire waving his hands, about to jump into a lake. Sensational(ism)!

· I want everyone to go to New York for New Year's.

· It's been fun, Mel. See ya!


fuck mel gibson

"I want everyone to go to New York for New Year's."


when i'm in france i can quick fly over to new york during my winter break where several friends have moved and other people can join us and it'll be wild.

Wow. thanks for posting that picture of Mel Gibson. Aside from my deep love of Mel Gibson images, I had seen that one and thought it might have been doctored to make him look like sadam husien.

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