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· Immediately before I woke up to chain saws tearing down the tree outside my window this morning, my dreams shifted from whatever fun thing they were about to the music video for Master P's song "Make Em Say Ugh". I kept hearing "Ugggghhhhhh. Ughhhhhhh. Na na na naaaah." But mostly a whole lot of, "Ugggghhh. Uggggggggh. Ughhhhhh."

· I've noticed my dad, and other family members/aquaintances, using the expressions "up to" or "out to" to mean "at". As in, "There were 30 boats up to Traverse City" or "We got corn out to Coopersville". Hmm...

· Seriously, I don't want to sound crazy or like a hippie. But I want to know and believe, as well as for others to, that this isn't the only way. If you feel like an alien and don't see the point to how society is and want to do something else. You can. You can walk away from it all. I'm this close to doing so. Let me know if you'd like to do so as well.


Dude, your posts extend out to the right into the green background, rendering the text unreadable unless I highlight it. I'm on Camino/Mac (using the Mozilla Firefox renderer).

Any thoughts?

yeah i'm having the same problem on a windowsxp firefox vr.

my thoughts: a better understanding of CSS on my part. i messed with it so I could accommodate wider pictures for my germany picture entry. what's funny is that before this looked like crap on IE, but now it looks "okay" in IE, but bad in everything else.

i'll fix it today by reverting to the standard thing. there are too many options with MT and I can't find a guide to the specific layouts, as in what all the options are. like the banner user/photo element. aie!

Walking away is fine, in theory, but what about student loans?!

people at my work say "once" or "a second" for everything. Examples:

"Come in here,I have to show you something once"

"Let me check once"

"Let me call her a second"

"Im going to make a copy a second"

"Let me throw this away a second"

"I am going to check a second"

it drives me crazy!

oh and my grandma uses the "up to" phrase as well.

Her favorite is:

"They got good produce up to the Kroger down the street"

so, when I am around my family that has become a joke everything is "up to the"

my grandma also says "Pellow" and "Melk"

student loans are what can hold me back! that's my one problem! (of sorts)

and i hear that "a second" too. my friend in elementary would always say "one minute" for everything. it drove me insane.

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