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'Morning Bell twice in a night

1. I shave my face in the shower. It opens my pores. The other day I looked at my shoulders and how disproportionately hairy they are compared to the rest of my arms. My ugly tattoos are covered by ugly hair. After shaving my face I shaved my upper arms. Then I looked at my chest and repeated the 2000 debacle. Not too bad, but the hair is coming back and I fear it'll be thicker. I can already feel the hairs poke through my t-shirts and it's really weird. I can't stop rubbing my chest. Ask Ben.

2. There was a segment on the Today Show yesterday about how "girl power" and general empowerment of women has had dangerous results. Now girls say "bitch, whore, slut" and are more likely than boys to smoke, drink, do drugs and get into fights. At one point the anchor said something like, "Are we telling our daughters they have girl power without backing it up?" What? Is this really fucking news? Even MORNING news? They're saying that by treating girls as equals to boys and not restricting them they've become more aggressive and bad. Someone from a teen magazine said girls need to find their feminine side again since they're nurturers. Does correlation equal causation? Maybe parents need to wise the fuck up. Have they been doing their job? I can't imagine my older cousins being good parents. Everyone's too lazy to raise their children properly. They're all too afraid to pass down values and are lacking in values themselves. Ramble ramble! (I'm like the Hamburgler, but you can call me the Timeburgler since I steal time and make up bullshit.)


4. While practicing a powerpoint presentation for the fall orientation, I tried to illustrate how our system worked, but instead drew a college freshman asshole chicken partying and puking.


1. I shave all my tattoos that have hair. (arms, legs) it makes the tattoos look soo much better.

4. That chicken is fucking awesome!

3. would/will make an awesome back patch or hat.

Man I tried to read this entry this morning when I was sick and numb and not thinking clearly. I couldn't undestand it so I tried to read aloud and kept saying these combinations of words instead of what my eyes were seeing.

Then I laid down with the news on and they gave a report on one of the most insane things I had ever heard. I was like "I may be out-of-my-mind sick, but I know this is not news!" It was something like Lindsay Lohan bought 400 pairs of shoes last month (not true, just an example). And all this was on WOODTV8!

1. i'll be shaving my arms more often now. thanks, beez.

3. george, honestly, i was thinking the same exact thing.

anthony, which combination of words were you saying? i

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