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Who you gonna' call? 911

· I woke up this morning around 7 and used the downstairs toilet near my room, fairly certain my mom was showering upstairs, but forgetting and not caring. As I lay back down I heard the shower door upstairs open and my mom shout something to my dad. He yelled something back and then I heard his voice call downstairs, "Hey, turn off the shower. Your mother's trying to take a shower." My brother, asleep on the couch, mumbled, "Yeah, okay. We will." I heard my mom yell something else and my dad say something about a pump. They talked more then she resumed her shower.

I don't quite understand why there is always an investigation when someone's shower goes cold. This is usually caused by someone flushing a toilet and the warm water resumes momentarily. Every time this happens to me I jump and flail then move to a corner of the shower (and it's a small shower) not being sprayed by cold water. Every few seconds I move my hands under the water and resume once it's warm again. The end.

· I've been having (too much! ah ha ahoy!) fun with filters and labels in gmail. It's not a big deal, but I've needed a To do list saved and accessible somewhere central.

1. Create a label called 'To do'
2. Create a filter, From: my e-mail, Has the words: "qazx"
3. Skip the Inbox (Archive it) and Apply the label: 'To do'

I then write my to do item in the subject line, 'Get a haircut', and type 'qazx' in the body and send it. When I look at my items from the 'To do' label I see:

Now I'll stop patting myself on the back like a goofy bastard.

· Humans are far more interesting and intelligent than machines. It angers me on a daily basis how stupid* machines are. Until a machine can argue with me against the statement, "Machines are dumb," I will forever feel superior them and cheers all you human-friends with imaginary champagne. I just hope they want to discuss that with me before getting angry and either deleting all my valuable data or kill me.

*purely logical, unable to understand simple commands


Lifehacker has tons of gmail tricks like that. That trick you created is awesome. I usually just use the filters for filtering out the spam that does get through. I've yet to advance to the higher levels of gmail use. Though i do use the gmail drive thing. and i just got this new job at an office and i'm hoping to use gmail and cal to my advantage and to stay organized. So yeah.. sweet tip/trick.

hey man . .i just typed in steffans name on google . .and got your confession about ace of base. funny.

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