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Quickly, quickly...

After I take out lots of money, over several days, from my bank account I'll have an apartment about 15 minutes from school. There's a motherfucking palm tree in the courtyard. I should be getting the place by this weekend. I should have DSL internet soonafter. The guy renting it is a friend of a teacher I talked to and

I have a phone. I won't really be using it.

I might be done crying at how stupid I've been since I've gotten here. Things are looking way up. People are extremely helpful and the town I'm in is so lovable.

I'm not necessarily done crying at how far you are.

Kids make out in public too much.

The middle school I work at is named after a French suffragette (feminist? wanted French women to have the vote? is that the word?). All the schools are named after artists, meaningful politcos and historical figures. Not local shlubs.

I've been invited to a Thanksgiving party by a History teacher whose wife's sister will be visiting from Maine with their American nanny.

I had, like, a 45 minute conversation all in French with a Chilean.

I understand so much that it makes me think I'm crazy. I'm talking a bit, but I still sound like a child. (Though, children are nearly impossible to understand.)

I stayed on a couch of a nice family in the suburbs of Toulouse. I found the father, who works for a meterological satellite company whose satellite launches next week, on the freeloaders site and left this morning in the cover of darkness. I went by foot-bus-metro-train-bus-foot to drop off my luggage at the high school so I won't have to fear what will happen to them while I sleep..god only knows where tonight. Tomorrow to Saturday I'll have a temporary place.

There's a (nation-wide) strike on Thursday in preparations for elections where a candidate will probably get elected and probably change some policies. Preventive strikes happen a lot here, I guess.

Pictures and full stories coming soon...

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