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You search for murder?

Some would say that living for three weeks without steady/constant access to the internet would be the most trying time in their life. Me, I'd call this the most trying time in my life. I'm praying that my landlord (who works for the phone company) can hook me up soon, as I'm tired of these 3€/hour prices. I've already borrowed a king's ransom from my parents. (I spent 3 days taking out 300 euros a day from an ATM and then gave my landlord rent + most of the securit deposit as 900 euros, all in 20 euro notes.)

Thankfully my landlord is cool in other ways. He teaches me Occitan. He's taking me to look for mushrooms at his parents' woods tonight (I immediately thought of Morgan. And Bob). On Friday he's taking me to a rugby match. He and his wife treatme like a well-respected (American trying to speak Frenc) curio who lives above them. His wife took me to the market today and bought me lots.

My French isn't coming along that well. I speak like a Jimmy from South Park, except I'm even slower because I try to remember the gender of a noun or how to conjugate something in the subjunctive. Thankfully people are correcting me at every turn. It hurts at first, but I like it.

I watched one kid accidentally bump into another at school the other day. The kid bumped into said, when translated literally, "You search for murder?" I giggled all day.

I don't start 'teaching' until next week, but I had to introduce myself and talk to a class... for the whole hour. I told them about:
· Lake effect snow
· How my nephews are almost Irish Twins (I kind of regret that)
· Disney making movies based on rides
· How unathletic I am

They were pretty attentive and welcoming, but some were sleeping and they'd talk to each other in French the whole time. I'd ask questions and get nothing. To get things moving I suggested everyone say their name and their power animal, and they couldn't repeat. One girl said, "My name is Melanie, and my favorite animal is the monkey that sleeps in the tree all the time. I like to sleep all the time too."

I'll soon be asking for your help. I'll have plenty of time here to read and watch movies/tv on dvd. (And sleep, I have to stop sleeping 10 hours a day.) In exchange for you sending me books and movies, I will return what you sent when I've finished, and throw in some French stuff in the return box. Sounds like a deal to me! Details to come...


i search for murder.

did you talk about the new double edition of little mermaid that just came out? i would have.

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