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Confession: I've taken 20 pictures since I've been here. I pass this butcher on my street every day and I looked more closely at the pig the other day, realizing where it's from.

I'm downloading last night's episode of Lost right now. I thought iTunes would have this shit together immediately after it aired, but I'm stuck with a 3 hour download now. I'll be talking to the landlord about getting the internet, again.

I have a library card! I've read "Les yex à vif" and "Blonde platine" by Adrian Tomine and "Blankets" by Craig Thompson. All in French! I checked out some more BDs (bande dessinés, comic book/graphic novel) today as well as "Rum Punch" by Elmore Leonard (in English). I started reading "The Lexus and the Olive Tree" but it's boring and too pro-globalization. I'll finish it anyway.

I took 6 students from the English class I talked to last week to a room and we discussed a one page thing they read, an excerpt from some story about a Russian Jew at Ellis Island. They weren't talking much so I asked them about movies, things they like, anything. Only 3 of them really talked and 2 were completely silent the whole time, except parroting what a neighbor would tell them to say. I made a deal with them that we'd talk in French for 5 minutes at the end of the hour if we spent the entire time talking about in English next time. They were all courteous and happy to talk and it felt good, though I wonder if this will bite me in the ass later. I asked them what they want to talk about and they didn't know. It makes me think about some teaching styles that make use of the web, computers, etc. that just use technology for technology's sake, like, "Hey! You get to choose man! How freeing!" In reality it's lazy on the teacher's part. So I need to get unlazy and present lessons/games/discussion topics to get them talking. I start at the junior high next week and 'full time' at the high school then too.

Seriously, e-mail me at hommedeterre [at@at] g-g-g-g-g-g-MAIL {} com if you'd like some French stuff as a reward for sending me books/dvds. I beg you. There isn't much in English that I want from the library here and I won't have money to buy books from the big book store in Toulouse until late November. E-mail me and we can discuss. Thanks.

PS: Sweet car, Kyle!


Skip Lexus, if you are going to force yourself to read one of those books read the world is flat. I am sure you'll be surprised with the amount of shit in there that is really common knowledge already. Plus, TWIF is sort of an update on TL&TOT.

Your stories are making me think of the difference between teaching english in a place where learning it is seen as a kind of nuisance imposed by Americans (France) as compared to a place where it is really necessary to get a good job (Thailand). The students attitudes seem pretty different. Although, mike told me that the kids in rural areas of thailand were always much happier to learn than the snotty kids at the private school in Bangkok.

Yeah, Lexus is lame. And part of it isn't his fault, because it's now 6 or so years old. My mom told me to read the World is Flat. I'm thinking about giving up on both, but I don't know. I want something sociolgy/philosophy/economics/activism to read. The library here doesn't have much good stuff in English. Any suggestions? You or anyone else care to send any my way?....

And the kids have been good so far, and I'm not that worried. I just can't be a pushover. I start with kids who've never studied it before on Wednesday. I think they'll be cool, from what I hear.

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