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Simple life

While here I'm excited about living a simple life. I've had fun these past few years, but it has tired me out. People always complain/brag about not getting enough sleep, and none of us really do. And I don't have any sleeping disorders, I just chose not to sleep much. (I'm not the only one and I'm not complaining.) I was regularly sleeping 4 hours/night for 2 years. That's why I became the guy who fell asleep at parties. I wanted to keep up with everyone (w/o 1st shift jobs) and their fun outings. I'm going to slow down a bit here. I've made a list, naturally.

· Read 4 pages of the my French-English dictionary and 2 pages of my French-English book on idioms out loud, to practice pronunciation, every day
· Sleep 8 hours/night (I've slept an average of 11 hours/night for a few weeks, though)
· Make sure I walk around town and see the Garonne river and Pont Vieux every day
· Write in a personal journal every day
· Take at least 2 pictures every day
· Exercise! Sit-ups, push-ups, pull-ups! every day (I have these metal bars and old wooden beams in my living room to help this)
· Look into optimizing my diet (low-calorie diet, food only bought fresh at the market)
· Figure out how to do all laundry in my apartment, more DIY stuff
· Study some sociology, economics, philosophy, linguistics and other topics
· Make good on my correspondence promises with people
· Read like a bastard (books I brought, French comics from the library, books people send, local newspaper)
· Study programming, starting realistically and simple
· Look into transcendental meditation perhaps
· Finish the website I'm working on...


That is quite a list. HOpefully you will accomplish them all.

Man, I am envious of your trip of personal development. I was home and not working for like 9 months and did nothing to further my personal development, though i did watch a lot of televison and read alot of comics.

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