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Yesterday I saw a guy in Toulouse yelling at a McDonald's bag, accusing it of being sexist

While some of you are busy writing novels, I'll be celebrating NaNoJerMo where during the course of November I will not churn out a novel. I'll be abstaining from "churning out" period. So far so good.

I drank the most delicious bottle of what I like to call "alone wine" in ages.

My "Maroon Ghost With An Erection" costume didn't happen because I didn't want my bed sheet to get dirty and have holes in it. Halloween was depressing, really.

Before I left Montauban for my mini-vacation to Pierrelatte to visit Justin and Mael (whose house is lovely, by the way; complete with nails on window sill to detract pigeons, episodes of Weeds, CivIII for Mac, and a seriously nice home) after my day in Toulouse, I left my passport at home because it seems ridiculous to carry it with me everywhere. It's like what will happen: Magic French Immigration Police will question me about why I'm moving around the country? They don't do that. (Do they?) People can travel around. Who's going to stop me and why?

I really smell bad. More so than usual. All the time now.

Eating all these baguettes makes my throat really dry.


that reminds me of the time i saw the old women yelling at a tree. she waved her hands at it an hit it with her bag. then she was really angry and she started strangling it. at the same time an old man on a bike rode by, followed by his enormous wife on an amigo.

justin and mael live in france now? what?

When abroad, I usually just carry a photocopy of my passport. It has always seemed much safer to hide the real one unless I thought you might really need it.

it was a lot fun video chatting with you. we should do this every time you drink too much sangria.

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