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I really need a haircut

My landlord has been extremely generous. First he allowed me to put off paying the remainder of my security deposit. Then he gave me a microwave, took me hunting for mushrooms, gave me wine, took me to a rugby match and to the market. Last week he gave me a tv. I resisted at first, because you have to pay an audiovisual tax, but I discovered it's just one of those things you report. It connects to an outlet in the wall that's like cable, but there are only 8 channels. Two of them are Canal+ and only work for about 2 hours a day, two of them are France 2. So really, there are only 5. But in those 5 channels I can watch French game shows and talk shows, Walker Texas Ranger, Prison Break, Les Experts (CSI), NCIS, Grey's Anatomy and porn at 12:30 on Sunday night (a happy accident). Oh, and news. I mainly use* it for news and to improve my comprehension. *Notice I said use, because tv is a tool!

On top of that, my landlord gave me a washing machine on Wednesday. It's old, but now I can wear clean pants and my underwear won't smell like raspberry dish soap. Afterwards, we ate pumpkin soup and watched the (1st) season finale of Prison Break (incredibly huge here) and the debut of the second season. What's great about this is, they don't know when they'll play the rest of the second season. So, they're faced with an odd non-cliffhanger end of season followed by the beginning of the next season and that's all. However, I'll be getting the internet relatively soon as my landlord works for France Telecom and has gotten me discounts left and right but now has more incentive for me to have it since I'll be downloading Prison Break for him.


I saw this in Arles on my way to visit Justin and Mael in Pierrelatte.

This is an asian food restaurant (asiatique, not chinese or japanese) with a sensitive mascot in Pierrelatte.

This will never get old to me. (pain=bread)

On the River Tarn there's this balcony and I swear those are penises.

I talked to another assistant who isn't making French her life, but came here because of what it is: a cool job in France w/o much hassle. I've been doubting myself to even start trying to make an effort. So I'm trying to rethink it all. I was supposed to read Paul Auster's "Brooklyn Follies" but the professor gave it to me in French and I was too frustrated to read it. Yesterday we met to discuss a lesson for today and I read the first chapter in English and we talked about doing a 'who, what, where, etc.'.

But today, for the first time, I taught the shit out of that class. I didn't do what we planned on per se, but it worked out. I delved into all this culture and trivia about New York I didn't realize I knew and went on and on about the importance of New York to rap music, and then into gang violence, finally teaching them how to spell Blood with their fingers. I think I should retire now.



I'm pretty sure your life is awesome.

And I'll be sending comics, to you one day once i get my stuff together.

way to timmerize that shit!

Kevin, interestingly there's a balcony in Aix-en-Provence that is remarkably similar, with other sundry suggestive designs. Rumor there has it the building on which it was found was a brothel in its heyday.

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