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In France

Students change classes every hour and go to different rooms with different professors teaching different subjects. BUT THE STUDENTS STAY WITH EACH OTHER ALL DAY. And each group of 30 or so has a number.

Teachers change classrooms in the junior high and high school. I just don't see the point.

At my junior high at the start of the day and after breaks, students line up in this shelter-area with numbers above it that designate which class it is. Then the teacher comes to get them to take them to class. I've been told this is because the kids would get too confused trying to find their own classes. Perhaps if the teachers stayed in the same room all day (I don't see wy they don't) this wouldn't be a problem. Those French!


Using Jack Handey's 'Deep Thoughts' for short passages in English proved disastrous yesterday. "No, these aren't poems." "We think they're funny in America." "I don't know why, wikipedia says it's surrealist humor."

The one they made them mad was:

"I guess of all my uncles, I liked Uncle Caveman the best. We called him Uncle Caveman because he lived in a cave, and because sometimes he'd eat one of us. Later on, we found out he was a bear."

I should have realized I'm in over my head.


They were probably just sensitive to the joke because of the large, and oft-discriminated, troglodyte population of France.

The Japanese also stay in one classroom. Only the teacher moves about to each class. And with them goes the plug-in for the space heater as most schools don't have central heating or carpeting or anything other than wood floors and desks. So, the teacher also brings the instruction and the heat.

funny. ben and i were talking about jack handey just the other day. i love jack handey. how does jack handey anger someone?

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