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Today is a very important day. I was paid sometime between Friday and tomorrow. This means my diet will be replenished with vegetables, cereal, cheese, etc. I've survived November on rice, couscous, pasta, muesli cereal, Halloween candy sent by Rae and my parents and the meals Natalia makes in exchange for my A/V services. I've been fine and have been eating. But now I get to return to the grocery store and then the market for real food again. (I also hope to get pictures for a neighborhood entry...)

This weekend also marks my return to being social. I've been enjoying a bit of a hermit's life reading, watching, not showering, lounging, etc. Mainly because I'm incredibly nervous, self-conscious and shy. I'm not alone here, though at times I feel the need to force myself to be. I always refer to Francisca, Natalia or my Chilean friends. I bring over a recently downloaded episode of Lost or DVD and Natalia makes dinner for all. It's been a nice agreement. Friday I had my first migraine in about 6 months and it started when I thought the fluorescent lights at a store were screwing with me, but I realized I was getting the fun halos. Then it turned into a headache when the junior kids were screaming and luckily subsided into a general aversion to light when my class of 11th graders didn't show up at the end of the day I so left early to sleep for about 12 hours.

THEN! On Saturday night I joined Francisca, Natalia and Karen (from Nicaragua) for dinner and then to Toulouse where we met up with other assistants (English and mainly Spanish). People. Oh, god it's good to see people who aren't expecting some kind of work out of you. It's good to talk, ask questions, answer questions, quip. Oh! The quipping!

Francisca, Natalia, almost me

Carmen, Francisca, Natalia, Karen, Hugo

After a few "Tequila de la Muerte"'s


My dad sent me a picture of my niece Livya. Cousin Molly said in an e-mail, "Should we be calling them [Livya and her brothers Max and Alex] the Aryan triplets now? They've taken the title from the Benningfield kids." (My dad used to refer to her and my cousins Andy and Emily as the Nazis)

And George!


Normally I think baby's are nasty, ugly goblin-like creatures but that picture makes me want to have a whole litter.

see, i sometimes get sick of people going gaga over their kids. i mean, i understand it, but yeah. having two nephews and a niece (yes, who's as cute as she is) is really awesome. and i feel similar to your 'wanting a whole litter'. except, this means i don't need any kids. i can help raise my brother's kids, help control the human population and be the cool uncle. i'm living in a fantasy world.

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