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Kind of embarrassing

On Thursday night I got a call from some kid's mom asking me to tutor her kid. I hate the phone and think I have a fundamental handicap in being able to understand people on it. But this worsens when it's in another language. And by a fast-talking, accented mother. And I'm outside, with a truck driving by. I agreed to do some tutoring but didn't know when it was and eventually just told her I'd call her back in half an hour. I got Francisca to call her for me. She thought it was as awkward as I imagined it to be. I gave her the phone and a sheet of my availability and some details to get.

"Hello, I'm calling on behalf of Kevin. He doesn't understand French very well and he'd like me to set up times to tutor your son."

I'm not supposed to tutor for money at the high school, but the kid lives too far away for me to get to and from what I hear no one really cares. I tutor one son (last name is that of a famous French soccer player!) tomorrow at 5 (about the only thing I'll be doing tomorrow aside from finding lozenges or something) and his brother on Thursday. €ASH!

I was quite tired Friday morning and decided to take a short nap at the junior high during my 2-hour gap starting at 9. I sat in the teacher's library and heard teachers come in from time to time and one group giggling quietly. Later when I got up, one teacher asked me, "Have a nice sleep, kid?"

I bought my landlord Alain a few bottles of wine for hooking me up with cheap internet and to apologize for being an ungrateful phantom (fantôme ingrat). I put the wine with my rent check by his door and then slept for a dozen hours. (I'm always so tired on Fridays) He called me at noon on Saturday asking if I'd like to go to the Montauban v. Toulouse rugby match in Toulouse, he got free tickets from work. I joined him at 5 and we left with his friend Alain (in the French FBI, who commented on their friend Lazare driving 'like a Jew'). We parked on the grassy part of a roundabout and walked across the highway to the stadium (the parking there was taken). I sat between the Alain and Alain with them leaning forward to talk to each other and occasionally explaining something to me. Montauban lost, but as the team is a new addition to the upper tier of the league, Montauban fans are Toulouse fans anyway. And everyone was happy.

That's a giant banner resembling the Toulouse rugby jersey.


For a long time I wanted to name my son (if/when I ever have one) Aristotle, but the dude was donw with some things that I don't agree with.

Lately, I have been thinking that the name Alain would be a good one. After Alain Locke.

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