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I think I did quite a number of things wrong today.

Last night I couldn't fall asleep (I've developed a 7-9ish nap habit that throws me off) for hours on my newly-being-used bed and felt like a zombie for my 8 am class. Last week I'd set my alarm using am/pm instead of 24 hour and slept right through it. The teacher told me not to worry. Today the teacher wanted me to talk to a handful of students about school in America: how it's structured differently, what people do, the requirements, unique things, etc. There are really only two classes at the junior high that I enjoy and they're both "European section", which means they take an extra hour of language study because they're smart.

All the rest are 6th graders who don't care or are just acting like 6th graders. These kids today couldn't understand a word of my English so I was forced to speak in French which they frequently snickered at. They didn't appreciate the knowledge I dropped on them. I hate junior high kids.

I walked home, took a nap, woke up, went to the high school. On my way I heard an ambulance and a man standing outside his apartment kind of flagging it toward him (on our one-way street). He was incredibly cheery, smiling broadly. As I passed him he smiled, nodded at me and said in his incomprehensible accent, "Good morning young man!" I said a simple hello. He then said either, "Looks like we fell out of the bed today! Look at your hair!", or, "Someone fell off a horse!" I was leaning toward the horse-falling off because of the ambulance, but that didn't make sense. It really weirded me out that he was so jovial while awaiting an ambulance. Why was he accosting young passersby while his wife presumably lay dying in the house?

The second group at the high school, the smart ones who are a lot of fun, were locked out of their room and told me their teacher was probably absent and we wouldn't need to have class. I unlocked the door and said if anyone wanted to have class we could. All but one came in. We chatted for a little while and then did the dialogues using pictures I cut out of magazines. Someone suggested writing a story where you only see the last word of the previous line and most did that, but didn't have to. Another person asked if they could use profanities and I said, "Why not? It's a free day, go to town!" I'll get to that mistake in a minute.

Someone mentioned how much fun playing hangman in English is and I said, "Okay, I've got one!" as I'd been wanting to try out a joke.

A few kids laughed, most groaned. And a couple were overwhelmingly silent. I quickly apologized and mentioned how much I oppose the death penalty and don't think it's fair that he didn't stand trial for all his other crimes, etc. I think I saved some face. They got back to work and eventually presented their vulgar, nonsensical stories.

My last class of the day was filled with people giggling and a large window wide open (we're on the 1st floor). I kept telling them to laugh and let it all out of their system, it's okay. Two girls were laughing a lot and I kept trying to describe what we'd be doing today but they wouldn't stop laughing. While trying to write on the board my marker ran out and I ran to my nearby cubby to get another one. When I came back the two girls were standing up doing something weird. I said, "Oh, I see what's so funny! You're going to change places and see if I notice. Oh, that's a riot! Very funny. It's okay."

Finally a girl spoke up saying, "No, no no. They are students from the other high school and they were trying to leave. You didn't even notice that they aren't from our class! Ha ha ha." I let them leave and it was hard to keep the class calm after that. At least laughing, mischievous high schoolers are more respectful and fun to deal with than junior high kids. The only other problem I had was with the snitch who wouldn't shut up about getting married to her boyfriend of 6 months, including it in her dialogue. She got me and the rest of the class into an argument about marriage, gender control, population control and global warming. Off the topic and largely in French, but a good discussion nevertheless.

I then went home and watched Jack Bauer and David Palmer meet face to face.


Maybe the guy flagging the ambulance was excited cause he hated his dying wife and wanted all the money. Or maybe it was his friend, driving the ambulance, coming over for lunch. Maybe he wanted to get there quickly as he only had a brief break so he turned on his sirens.

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