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Please allow me to quickly get this down. And, uh, get down.

· I recently heard a bird (owl, perhaps?) that sounded just like the Pillsbury Doughboy.
· My right foot is usually colder than my left foot!
· The two features I use on my phone are: alarm clock, impromptu flashlight. Who needs telephony?
· I declare now that I have officially given up Sudoku because of its role in me losing a digital camera. All's fair.
· I have much more to say re: watching two seasons of 24 in a week, but here's a question. When law enforcement officers tell criminals to "drop [their] weapon[s]" or after killing a criminal in the field, do they pick up those guns and use them? C'mon, free guns!
· Welcome to the students who found me. Congratulations, you curious/enterprising French kids.
· I ate foie gras at my landlord's and it was delicious. Like butter made out of a talking chicken that can tell you a fortune, give you a pat on the back and whistle a three-part harmony. I'll eat it again, but maybe only once. Shout out to Alain for the taste. I am grateful.

Note: I'd like to thank Vegucator for his comment and discussion in the g-rad forum. Though I praised foie gras here, I failed to mention my true feelings on the matter. I'm a temporary carnivore in between vegetarian and vegan stages wishing to try non-vegan/vegetarian foods before I make the leap. Production of foie gras isn't pretty. It's arguably crueler than the slaughter of most animals for food. I don't condone the process but wanted to try it once. Call it questionable morals but for the sake of my experiment, I feel that trying it was valid.


BTW, you always make me laugh, Kevin.

wait. explain the sodoku thing.

and foi gras? really? i know you are trying to try every meat - but really?

I am writing respectfully to request that you take down your praise of foie gras. Foie gras, which means "fatty liver" in French, is one of the most cruel culinary substances produced by contemporary agribusiness. The process by which foie gras is produced is so cruel, in fact, that this "food" has been banned in several major cities, most recently in Chicago. The ducks and geese whose livers become foie gras are kept in tiny metal cages and then force fed a high fat diet through a tube that is inserted down their throats (after all, the birds would not eat such a diet voluntarily). This diet is designed expressly to destroy the liver, which becomes engorged with toxins and fluids that would be processed out of the system were the bird eating a natural diet. Those who eat foie gras, therefore, in addition to ingesting diseased organ meat, are supporting an industry that willfully tortures, poisons, and then slaughters fully sentient beings, all to provide a fleeting "taste sensation" for affluent human beings. I doubt that this process is in keeping with your ethical standards, and I implore you to reconsider your decision to praise foie gras in a public forum.

In case you have doubts about the above description, consider visiting this link and seeing for yourself how foie gras is produced.

I would like to see you respond to george. Possibly humorously.

Congrats on giving up Sodoku!

I see so many people on the trains doing Sodoku and I can't help but assume they are sitting there thinking to themselves "I am using my commute to enrich my mind. How wonderfully smart of me!"
Why not read a book, gain some actual knowledge, instead of playing a game.

i forgot my camera in the seat pocket on a plane. on that flight i was doing a sudoku puzzle and ripped it out of a magazine so i could do it later. i found the puzzle in my coat pocket and remembered what happened. i feel that if it hadn't been for that game i would have been focused on retrieving my camera. instead of a camera, i have a 75% finished number puzzle.

post it!

i immediately threw it away out of anger. so sorry.

I wanted to tell you that I've been eating primarily a vegan diet for the last seven months, with a lot of it being raw fruits and veggies. And its great! WBR LeoP

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