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Pardon my French (had to have one entry with that title)

The one good thing about teaching kids awful stuff in English, is I get to learn it in French as well. A couple weeks ago I was working with a class that just couldn't talk in English and a kid wanted to know how to say "ralentir" in English. Call me an idiot, you francophones, but I didn't know what that meant. And I had them use it in a few sentences and then I knew. Every so often I make sure to try to learn some French while I'm over here and it's a decent feeling knowing that my lacking skills can be improved as if I'm at a spelling bee. So when they told me, "If you are driving a car and going very fast but you see a dog in the street, you must 'ralentir'", I jumped up and shouted, "Slow down!"

Just after class today one student was describing another and said he liked to kiss everyone. He said, "How do you say 'Il saute sur tout ce qui bouge' en anglais?" I made a motion like 'sauter' (to jump) and said, " this something sexual?" He nodded his head fiercely and made another jumping motion as if he were an animal mounting and screwing another. "Uh huh," I said. "Now, you can't repeat this, but, 'He'll fuck anything that moves'." I couldn't help but think of high school when Dan would do an impression of Jay from Clerks and then do the circus seal motion.

To balance it out I also taught, "It's like that and that's the way it is" as a translation of "C'est comme ├ža, et pas autrement." What I used was probably heavily influenced by that Run D.M.C. song, but people say that, don't they?

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