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What a superb owl. Hoo hoo.

· While searching for Kimiko Ono (she sings 'Golden the Pony Boy' at the end of 'Science of Sleep'1 2 3) on wikipedia I found a fairly ridiculous entry title: List of Japanese people. Let's just say I was let down by its length.

· Julia invited me to join her and her German friends at a birthday dinner last night. There was a George Foreman4-like grilling...situation. We put in pieces of cheese and various meats in little triangle trays with handles and we put those trays inside the Foreman thing and watched as they cooked and melted. Then we put the results on potatoes.

There weren't enough chairs so Ohtman (I think that's how it's written) who said, "People just call me Hotman, it's okay", went next door to get a couple more. I told him I'm going to Ireland and he raved about his trip there when he was 19 and how Guinness was the first drink of alcohol he ever had and remains his favorite. And he gave Julia and me some tips on what to do in Morocco5. This was all before I lost my mind at the Le Bar Basque.

1 I want my next haircut to be like Gaël García Bernal's from the movie.

2 Alain Chabat is terrific in English too.
3 Foreigner living in France who sleeps/dreams all the time and is ashamed of his French speaking abilities (that are often mocked) so he speaks in English with the locals? Tell me about it. Unrelated to 1.
4While trying to determine if George spelled his last name Foreman or Forman (I was right, btw) wikipedia revealed this gem:

According to an ESPN "SportsCentury" profile, George's massive size and height (6'4") in relation to that of his brothers led to the revelation that he was illegitimate. His biological father took no part in his upbringing. He has 10 children (5 daughters and 5 sons) with his wife, Joan, and has named all 5 sons George Edward Foreman, because he "wants them to know who their father is". He has named one of his daughters Georgetta.

5 I'm going to Morocco in April.


you should visit Sami and Hind in Morocco. they are living right outside of Casablanca.

Sami is the Kurdish/Turkish guy from Grand Rapids made the move the Box of Lanzo. I know they are both working on a few movies there.

I don't know him really. I think I've met him like twice and I doubt he knows me at all. Do you still think he'd be cool with a visit from a random Grand Rapidian?

Maybe you could mention something to him? (Oh shit, I'd be able to watch Box of Lanzo if I were at his place, wouldn't I?) I'll probably be with a group, too. Thanks for the suggestion, though.

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