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Like getting a joint-checking account, Rae and I canceled our MySpace accounts. Mandie did it when it was cool, though. Having a MySpace is so passé. But so is announcing that you canceled it. I opted for a pretentious, bullshit, pseudo-passionate explanation for canceling.

Cancel MySpace Account
We're sorry you're leaving MySpace! Please briefly explain in the form below why you're cancelling. You can really help us improve MySpace!

MySpace is a farce; nothing more than advertising disguised as a social networking service. A blight on the internet that encourages an ugly, mid-90s Angelfire design aesthetic, friend-collecting and pedophilia. I hope those profiting from this site feel as much shame as I feel for being a part of it for so long. MySpace has not only caused stagnation, but regression for internet innovation.

MySpace is the new AOL. Why use the world wide web when everyone is "on" MySpace? Official websites for musicians, films, comedians and anything "cool" has been reduced to the equivalent of an "AOL Keyword". Artists forced to limit themselves to the confines of an ugly, cramped stage. Like AOL, MySpace is catering to those who are too lazy or stupid to use the internet properly.

I am canceling my account and am encouraging my friends to do so as well.


M.I.A. has an album coming out this summer. Her new single "Bird Flu" hasn't grown on me yet. I wonder what Anthony will think. I like this comment I read on the video:

This isn't even a song... its a bunch of fucking RACKET. Sucks. Sucks so, so hard.
P.S. The video is like a bunch of clips from those "Save the Children" commercials and rejected video concepts presented to Rihanna.



I have a myspace, but I think I check it maybe once a week. It's too much now.

I considered including something about how the people behind facebook are more creative, constantly add features and keep things clean, but dropped it.

But yeah, facebook makes not having myspace possible...

I've been contemplating deleting my myspace and facebook. You'll be my Pied Piper for myspace at least.

That M.I.A. video was much rougher than Garular.


Xoom may also be used as a substitute!

man, i don't know about this song. i think i need to hear it in higher fidelity than youtube has to offer. i mean, is there any bass at all?

i do like that kid dancing at the end of the video, though.

I downloaded the qt video from her page and stripped the audio. i still don't really hear any bass.

i deleted myspace for a while... while i had facebook. then i remade myspace and deleted facebook. now i have both again, because it's how i keep in touch with people. but i'll probably delete myspace soon, since i rarely use it.

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