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Three non-vacation, awesome things of the moment:
· This soap Le Petit Marseillais that's vegan and leaves my hands slippery and smelling like olive oil.

· This weather! It's like 60!
· Best of Bootie 2006. Thanks for the recommendation, Seth.

I'm going to London tomorrow. With recommendations from friends and wikitravel I've organized what I need to see by Friday morning.
Hot Fuzz, CYHSY, Kylie exhibit, Indian Food, Sherlock, Abbey Road, GMT

I don't necessarily like visiting cities by myself (as it's not like what going to Disney World by myself would be as I imagined when I was 10, going on all the rides I wanted to..), but I'll add this to Vienna, Amsterdam and Rome to my solo visits. I'll be staying with someone I found on Then I meet my parents and brother in Paris. Then we go to Dublin and the rest of Ireland.

Be back in two weeks.


If you get a chance in London the Camden Market is cool.

Yes I second that. The neighborhood surrounding the market is also quite interesting...definitely can make a whole day out of it.

when are you going to maroc?

I went to Paris for two days by myself. It was a lot of fun but I only ate pastries because they were the easiest thing to order (as the only complete sentences i could remember from high school french were "I would like...", "I am 18!", and "I [don't] like/love pizza!")

camden is definitely on my list. (can no click on my bolded link? it's all javascriptified, like an lj-cut)

i'm going to morocco at the beginning of april.

all i've been eating while in france has been pastries. mainly bread, but croissants and chocolatines as well!

Hi there!
is there anyone who knows place that i can get le petit marseillais in london? please let me know!

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