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Big Dipper

I really hate the sound of my voice here


Sorry this didn't work out for you. And as for your voice, you don't really talk the same in casual conversation as you do in these videos. I always notice that.

Ehh, I don't know if lines drawn to birthmarks will age well. What about when you develop more spots as an old man? Then it will just look weird.

I think I've only actually spoken to you twice. Your voice sounds different here.

dotted lines, that is the solution. or dashed lines.... yes dashed lines.

I'm working on getting more normal/casual. Maybe practicing first?

And I actually did use dashed lines first but then I looked and almost everything I found pointed to solid lines for the constellations so I redid it (hoping it'd look better...nope).

Thick blocky lines that never touch the dots (freckles/moles?) would look somewhat more interesting. I wish you had someone help so you could have used a roller-ruler or straightening device.

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