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Eclipse and the Tooth Mouse

I read about the lunar eclipse a few days ago and got pretty excited for it. The last eclipse I saw was November 8th, 2003 on the drive from Grand Rapids to E. Lansing to see Junior Senior. It was fun following it as we drove, but being where we were, we didn't get to see the whole thing. I think Europe gets a better view almost always.

So last night at a party in Toulouse I asked people if they'd like to join me in looking for the moon and everyone said no. I walked around for 20 minutes by myself trying to find the moon. I walked to the St. Sernin church where more of the sky was visible and saw nothing. I thought it may have been closer to the horizon and walked back a bit disappointed. When I was just around the corner from the party I saw people in this pedestrian zone all stopped and looking behind me. I turned around and saw the beginning of the eclipse before clouds covered it.

I hurried back and told people what I saw. They weren't that interested but one of the roommates said, "Oh, you can probably see it from the balcony in my room." Out on his balcony the clouds were gone and it was very visible. Everyone crowded out there and I pretended to know what happens during an eclipse and why and explained why it gets red, etc. I was hoping it'd be a bit bigger, but it was still pretty nice. I was pretty full of myself and kept whining, "So now you're interested in the eclipse." That discussion led to aurora borealis, Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and the bell that comes from Rome and eventually how in France they don't have a Tooth Fairy, but a Tooth Mouse. Cute/gross.


in Mexico they have a Tooth Mouse too.

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