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Chimpanzee that


· Little kids with huge backpacks
· Stepping on each grate and metallic thing in sidewalk that makes a noise
· The possibility that I'll be doing this
· MONKEYS!!!!!!


hahahah cocaine monkey ahhahah

You should do the Second City thing; my cousin took one of the longer classes and loved it.

You should do Second City!
Also, I've been wanting to tell you that you remind me of the actor, James McAvoy. He's in the Last King of Scotland. Clearly, I was really traumatized near the end. Noooo!!! Don't do that to Kevin! But, earlier in the film, I was like, "damn, that's a mighty fine ass."

See, I'd really like to do Improv Olympic, but I think Second City will better fit my schedule. Best option would be doing the longer classes, but I won't be living in Chicago anytime soon. I think...

Marianne, that's crazy! Because I thought James McAvoy looks like my older brother Geoff! (I also think Ewan McGregor looks a bit like brother = Scottish?)

I totally saw that monkey riding the dog at a rodeo a few years ago. He's actually the reason I went. I could believe that a monkey would really ride a dog.

It was also nice in watching that report hearing one of those reports monkey shrike with laughter.

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