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They have a plan

After having Battlestar Galactica dreams two nights in a row (the one I just awoke from being a particularly disturbing one where I taunted two Cylons though I was sympathetic to them in-dream [and am as well irl]), I think it's clear that the next discussion topic with my students will focus on sentient robots. Doing a cursory search for -robots esl discussion- I couldn't find much. I may have to innovate here...

· What would you use a robot for?
· What rights should robots have?
· If robots didn't feel pain, would you hunt them for pleasure?
· If you fell in love with a robot and wanted to marry it, how would you tell your parents?
· Would a band comprised entirely of robots be awesome and precise or boring and without heart?
· How would you feel about watching a sporting event between two robot teams?
· If robots sent their children to school, should there be a separate, but equal class for robots?
· If you lived your life as a human, but found out you were a robot on your 18th birthday what would you say?

(whoa, South Korea is putting together a robot ethics charter, like now)

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