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Worst birthday

I was just thinking about this birthday party back in 9th grade. It was for one girl and all our friends were at the clubhouse of the trailer park of Friend #2, who was seriously dating another good male friend of mine. It may have been a joint birthday party, I don't remember. Friend #1 enjoyed N*SYNC a lot, as a guilty pleasure but way beyond that. A group of us guys choreographed a dance to... "Tearin' Up My Heart" maybe? Wait, maybe it was Backstreet Boys. "I Want It That Way" perhaps. We copied a move from the video where they're spinning chairs, stand up on them and then push them over and step down- pretty cool.

I remember performing it and I kind of 'choreographed' it, and I counted out "1 2 3 4" because one person was off. I was such a jerk for a minute. Anyway, she loved it and it was a great party. 9th grade was a fun time for our social group- we were kind of at our peak in a way (it was before I started dating someone for a long time).

Later that night, though, Friend #2's mom came in and mentioned someone important to her just had a miscarriage. Most awkward end of party ever. I threw a bunch of Josta and Doritos in my bag and we got the hell out of there.

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