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This sucks! Looks like I'm not going to Morocco after all...

Morocco's a no go. Julia just called me to quickly tell me we can't go. She's now calling EasyJet again to see if we can get a refund on our flights, but it's looking unlikely.

The US Embassy in Bordeaux contacted her (as she's the one who bought the plane tickets) saying the State Department is issuing a travel warning to American citizens visiting Muslim countries in the Middle East, Asia and Africa during the first two weeks of April, and most likely thereafter, due to "potential retaliation concerns". She asked what the cause of those concerns were but they said they weren't allowed to elaborate. I couldn't find mention of this on their website, which is acting very strange. Call me a conspiracy theorist, but there's been talk of a US strike against Iran on April 6th and this makes me fear it's true. Ugh.

So now we're out a couple hundred euros and 'stuck' with flights from Toulouse-Madrid and vice versa. Not so bad. I suggested to her that we look into visiting Barcelona as well since I haven't been there yet. I'm a little nervous about traveling in general though, but maybe I can keep convincing people I'm Canadian.

edit: april fool's... i'm out!


wow creepy, you should go anyway don't live in fear.

twice fooled

Hey Kevin,

I don't know what to think about this two week warning thing, but in my opinion morocco is as safe if not safer than france, which is radically safer than the united states (where, by the way, my risk of dying in a car accident if way higher than my risk of some terrorist incident in North Africa, were I to venture there...)

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