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Music Is My Hot Hot Sex

This was a pretty great weekend.

· Saturday night in Toulouse a large group of us was drinking by the river and a guy with a sign that said "Free Hugs" (in English, not French) came over to us. To be an ass, I asked him what "free hugs" was and he went into a spiel. Several people in the group gave him a hug. He went over to the group of three guys near us and offered them as well. Instead they pushed him into the river.

I was furious. I flipped off the perpetrators and lamely said, "You're jerks" and, "Why did you do that to him?" They said, "Stand up if you got something to say," and "I piss in your ass". Someone kept tugging at my arm not to get up. Probably for the best. I can't really argue in French and though it would have been cool for me to fight them without saying a word, the timing/odds weren't great.

The simple solution is this: I need to get in a fight. Rae agrees. I've been a victim of other people's forthrightness (so to speak) and I just need to stop bottling this up and actually react. And since I obviously have a thing since I've never been in a fight and just want to get in one, leaving me the loser or winner I don't care (well...), I need to get in a fight. I was considering letting it happen in New York where I'm sure someone will do something to piss me off and if I react they'll be ready to throw down. I could say, "Hey, I fought a guy in new york. Yeah, I lost, but-". I have reservations though, since the opposer might want to fight to the death or may be carrying weapons. Instead I'll save it for some Grand Rapids provincial, flaunting my having "seen the world" (as in I lived comfy in France, teaching and eating bread) and fearlessness.

· Look at this mantis!

· On Sunday I went voting with Alain & co. Let me explain this really quickly. You go into the building, pick up 12 small sheets of paper- one for each candidate- and one envelope. You go into a private booth and put one of those papers (or none, if you want to make a statement) in the envelope. You throw away the other pieces of paper, keep them or whatever. Then you'll probably have about six elderly people continuously cut in front of you. Then you give the envelope to an official and it's put in the magic box and voted. I witnessed French democracy in action.

· French election results:
Sarkozy 30.7%
Royal 25.17% Socialist

(these two will go head to head in the next round of elections on May 6th)
Bayrou 18.4% Centrist
Le Pen 11.05% Fascist

· We came back to Alain's and had delicious cepe mushrooms and confit de canard. My first time eating duck. Delicious.

· Then we went jet-skiing. I'm looking forward to visiting Grand Haven a lot this summer.

· Unrelated, but I think water is the best thing ever.

· I've decided that I'll just come out with it. I really don't care about song lyrics. I can't remember lyrics (or film quotes) and so I don't learn, recite or analyze them. Sometimes I can't even tell what the lyrics are. Since I don't care about lyrics I shouldn't care about the language of the song. Reflecting on this, it's not true for me. And the pathetic reason why, I've just come to terms with, is that i want to be able to sing along and at least temporarily know the words. I'm an idiot, really.

· Another confession: I hate that thing people do where they partially cover up their mouths like, "Oh là là! I didn't do it. I'm shocked," or whatever. You mostly see it in girls' pictures on facebook/myspace. Enough!

Guy on left and people doing this, stop it! Just stop. If you're thinking of doing it, cover up more of the mouth like lady on the right. Thank you.


"Je pisse dans ton cul"? For real? Vive la France.

Wise not to get into fights with Frenchmen. Send Julia instead.

gros bizz.

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