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Duty Free

This happened just now.

Matt and I are at the airport in Paris. Our flight is delayed by a few hours but we aren't sweating it. (Let's say you've got a 4-hour delay at an airport) We set up a home base at our gate and wanted to charge up my computer and use the internet. So we tried several outlets but none of them gave a charge. An airport employee approached us and told us that the outlets at the departure gates don't work, but those in the bathroom do. And, if we're clever, we can wait until the current flight leaves and use the outlet behind the counter. Oh, and.

French Airport Employee: Do you see that Duty Free behind me?
Me: Yes.
FAE: In it they sell cigarettes and I was wondering if you could buy some for me.
KT: Okay.
FAE: Since I'm an airport employee I can't buy them, but I'd like to buy two Marlboro boxes of three cartons. Reds for me, Lights for my wife.
KT: Okay.
FAE: Do you have your boarding pass on you?
KT: Yes.
FAE: I'm going to shake your hand and in it you'll find 160 euros. The cigarettes will cost 159 euros. I'll be sitting right here when you come back.
-We shake hands, I put money in my pocket-

I bought the cigarettes and when he took the bag he placed it within another bag. We said our "thank you"s, "bon voyage"s and he went on his way.

With about 12 hours until I come back to the US I think I just passed a real-world French conversation exam.


Okay, hello, jealous.

But seriously, the jackass only gave you one euro? It's gotta be worth at least five.

Don't forget to be in touch when you get to New York.

you should have been in the french connection

Occasionally I want to be you, Malkovich style.

what a beautiful departure

Which terminal were you in? Isn't CDG suprisingly bootleg?

how long are you back in the US for? are you going back to france?

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